Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ouch... my back!

On Monday I got a call from Golf Partner David, asking me if I was up for a game of golf! I quickly checked my agenda for the day and found it very, very open, so off we went to Woodstock Meadows...

We played 18 holes on a fantastic day, with great weather to boot! Enjoyed a great lunch compliments of David, and headed for home. In the afternoon, all of a sudden I feel the old twitch in my lower back..."what was that???" Kind of took it easy for the rest of the day, not doing anything that might agravate it.


Today I felt better in the morning, but not perfect. Today was spent again, on the very easy side, not doing very much from a physical point of view... hopefully all will be good in the world soon!

Judy has been busy lately, playing with a new app on our iPhone...Checkout 51. She got turned onto it by reading Ricks Blog... it is an electronic coupon type of app. You buy select products that are listed weekly on the app and then submit a picture of the receipt on the app. Judy has made $9.50 in only a few days of using the app, and I figure soon we are going to be really rich!

Apparently after earning $20.00 you can cash out. Here is hoping!

Till tomorrow...



  1. OUCH! Hope your back is better soon. That can sure be miserable. I signed up for Checkout 51 but so far haven't made anything with it. Guess I better start paying attention to the list haha!!

  2. Back pain is not fun at all, hope you getting better soon.

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  4. Hmmm, back issues are not something to fool with. Good thing for taking it easier.

    Golf sounded like fun though!

  5. I just looked at my Checkout 51 balance and I'm at $10.50 - rolling in dough! We get a brand new list Thursday morning - can't wait!

    Paulette's has similar back problems to what you do. She's been limping around for the past few days but appears to be on the mend.