Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nice day with the kids...

Judy informed me this morning we were on for baby sitting Gwenny and Charlie, as Kristina had a few things that she wanted to do today sans any kids hanging onto her ankles...

We took them off to the park first thing this morning to burn off some energy...

Charlie just amazes me at how quickly he has taken to walking... a few days ago you counted the amount of steps he took, now, it is just full blast ahead... no limit! He also loves slides...just like his sister does! Here is a video that I took of him on the slide...he can do it all himself now.

These kids seem to have a lot more energy than old Pop Pop has...that is for sure...

After a hard morning at the park... what do Grandparents do with the kids for lunch????

Micky D's of course... the kids had a ball in the indoor playground, and enjoyed a grilled cheese Happy Meal! (OK...maybe I had one myself...)

When we got the kids back to Kristina this afternoon, they were tired and wiped out...ready for their sleep. "Just perfect" said Kristina.

Till tomorrow...


  1. A great day playing with the grands, bet you slept well too.

  2. Great day with the grandkids and I'm sure they loved going to Mickey D's!

    Charlie is really getting around - that's great. Mason is on the move too but he's still using a push-walker to stand up and walk. Won't be long before he's following in Charlie's footsteps!

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