Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back on the Road Again! Atlanta, Georgia!

This morning was nice and warm, I knew it had to be, as we had no heat on in the RV overnight. Also this morning there was no early morning fog that you get used to here. We had a nice breakfast, and hit the road around 9:00 a.m. headed towards Atlanta, Georgia. You get to cross North Carolina and South Carolina before you hit Georgia. Judy snapped a couple of pics out of the RV window as we drove along, one up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the other once we hit Atlanta this afternoon at a busy intersection on the highway! Atlanta if very big and very busy.

It rained most of the drive today which covered 280 miles and took about 7 hours. It took that long, as we decided to have a nice lunch in the RV, and then we found a shoe outlet store along Hwy. 85 that had 5 big highway signs up for. We shopped to find some new dessert hiking boots and were successful. Very reasonably priced at 89 dollars for both, and NO TAXES... Yeah!

We made it to Atlanta by 4:00 and were set up by 4:30 including the internet satelite, how else could I do the blog tonight??? We went for a walk around the park before dinner. We are at Stone Mountain Park, on the East side of Atlanta. It is hugh. It has it's own city, it has a Mountain!, it has a Lake... you name it, it has it. We are only going to stay one night, but we may come back at some other time, as this looks like a real neat place.

Here are some pics of our walkabout this afternoon:

First up is Judy acting a "tree inspector", there are lots of them and they all seemed to meet her approval....

Next up is John acting as wildlife inspector... I shot these beautiful ducks (with my camera!) as they were out for their afternoon swim.

They have some beautiful camp sites here, that are right on the lake. The campground is mostly empty, apparently Mid Nov. is not high time for camping....go figure....

This is a picture of our campsite, with the lake right behind the rig. It was about 17 degrees C when we got here.

Reflections.... what else would you call this picture... it is a little island out in the lake, take note of Stone Mountain in the backround, you cannot really see it for the fog this afternoon. The sun is supposed to be out in the morning, so maybe I will get a better shot for tomorrow's blog...

This is how they had to build some of the picnic tables for some of the campsites, as it is a bit of a drop down to the lake, I thought they were kind of neat...

A boat came by and screwed up the nice calm water.... sort of spooky looking, don't you think...

We came accross this tree on our walk, and are trying to figure out what type it is.... check out the wierd bark on the trunk in the second picture...

It also has these berries on the branches...

If you know what type of tree it is, please leave a comment on the blog... thanks... :-))

We had the mystry photographer take this pic of Judy and I checking out the lake.

We received some nice comments on the blog today from David Reid, ( plug - REMAX) thanks for taking in the blog David.... remember you were the one who caused us to have to leave our home and hit the road in the RV!

Good to hear from AnnaMarie today also.... (plug - RBC Royal Bank) yes, we are enjoying retirement Anna! Feel free to share the blog address with the gang at the Bank ( and say hi to all from Judy and I.

Back on the road again tomorrow, and hopefully we have our eyes set on Mobile, Alabama as a landing spot for tomorrow night. Judy says it is supposed to be sunny and 19 degrees C. there when we land, so time to break out the shorts!


  1. Maybe your tree is a type of sycamore? They have that neat 'camouflague' bark look.

    Glad to hear you guys are having so much fun!

  2. nice pic's john and great write up's l love the pics of the lake with the fog happy trails l will check in again with u

    Anna Marie