Monday, November 30, 2009

We moved! (But not too far...)

Here goes the broken record again.... just another beautiful day in Arizona. It had to be up to about 27, or 28 degrees C this afternoon. The nice thing about Yuma is, NO CLOUDS... just the Sun, and that is the same forecast every day! We talked to a number of people in the Resort today, and they all vouched for the weather! Judy and I simply LOVE IT!
We got up this morning, enjoyed our coffee, did the email thing, and then decided the lot we picked out when we first got here was way too close to the Interstate Hwy. and way too much traffic noise. We went to the office, and asked that we be moved and they were very accommodating, and we found a new site that is the total opposite of the one we left. Very little noise from the Highway! Only drawback is not too much sun on the site, but that may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. We are on lot 392 now, not 103. So, if you are deciding you want to mail us a cheque to help us maintain our lifestyle.... use the address in last nights post, with the lot number as 392!
It took us a couple hours to move as set up again, and we were concerned about satellite signal on the new lot, however I have them both working, and was able to watch the Leafs lose to Buffalo by 3 to zip tonight :-((
I took no pics again today, yikes, what is going on, so I picked up Judy's camera again and have relied on her for today's pictures.
The first one is a picture from somewhere inside the Resort, just not sure where....???? .....

The next couple pictures are of our new site, which is right beside one of the Park Models units.

As you can see, I was just getting ready to head out for the afternoon on the motorcycle when Judy took this, but we have lots of room for all our toys.

All the sites have a nice concrete patio on them, we ate lunch outside this afternoon on our patio and it was great, nice and warm.

As mentioned we did take a ride on the bikes into Yuma this afternoon. We are about 5 miles or so out to the east. First we went to Wallmart to pick up a couple items we needed, more on that in the next day or so on the blog, so stay tuned, and I had to make a visit to the Chiropractor. We happened to drive by one, so I just stopped in, and they were able to take me as a "walk in" I have been having problems with my neck, and no mater how hard I tried, Dr. Taylor from Gravenhurst just won't come for a house call. Felt a lot better after my treatment, and have to go back on Wednesday.

Judy got a picture of their Office, don't ask me why, but she did....

We got back from the Chiropractor just in time to watch the Leafs lose.... after the game, which finishes real early here.... about 8:30, we decided to head down to the hot tub. What a beautiful night for it, with just about a full moon. We spent over an hour down there, and met some people from Alberta. There is a bunch of them from Alberta. The one guy we met is staying right across the road from us. All of them are real nice, and we had a nice "Canada" party going on in the tub tonight. We were the only ones there. It seemed very funny walking from the hot tub, back to our RV in our wet bathing suits, down a couple of streets all decorated up with Christmas lights! Weird....

Received a nice email today from one of my RBC friends today, Ronda, from Barrie. It was nice to hear from Her, and she says she is getting tired just reading all the stuff Judy and I have been doing in November! It has been fun Ronda! Much more to come yet.

Time to go to bed, another big day tomorrow, I am sure...

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