Friday, November 6, 2009

Life as a blogger!

November 6, 2009.

You post a blog and never know if anyone reads it or not, but I have received numerous comments lately, (all good by the way... :-) and in the last 2 days the blog has had over 50 hits, so someone out there is reading, and I guess we will keep putting up posts...

This is starting to sound like a broken record, but just another fantastic day for weather in Tennessee. It was up to 60 degrees on the old F. scale and was nuthin but sun, sun and more sun. There was no clouds today. One thing for sure though, when it get dark here, it does not horse around, in 10 minutes it goes from full daylight to pitch black. Where we are located at Warriors Path State Park, it get REAL dark. Not too many lights in here, other than from fellow RVers. It is amazing how many people showed up today, to camp for the weekend. They were pulling in all day. The weather forcast for the weekend is great. For you people who measure in metric, it will be between 20 and 25 this weekend.

This is a full service park, however the septic system is shut down for the winter, so we had to drive the motorhome up to the front dump station today, as we have been over 5 days running on our holding tanks. The park water system is working, and thankfully, so is the electric.

We drove in to Shawn and Jenn's house today and had a quick visit with Emmie and Andrea. They were on their way out, however they are coming to the State Park tomorrow, and we will spend the morning with them! :-))

Here is a picture I took today of Shawn and Jenns house, for those who do not know what it looks like.

Thas is the Eagle standing out by the bikes.

We spent the afternoon at the park, and I light a big fire and we sat and enjoyed the brilliant sunshine preparing ourselves of course for tonight Leaf's Game!

Good Tennessee wood burning!

While we were sitting out this afternoon, I had the camera handy and got a picture of a red bird that has been hanging around with his buddies, not sure what kind he is?????

I had to enhance this picture a bit with some fancy computer work.

Wow, look at that, Toronto is actually winning 3 to 2 against Carolina!

That is it for tonight... gotta go see if Toronto can hang on!

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