Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A day of "Desolation"

We left Top of the Hill RV Park this morning at 8:30, our usual.... and headed out in brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures. You could not find a cloud in the sky today, it was great, and the temp got up to about 18 to 20 degrees C. not too bad!
Our whole trip today was through an are with nuthin but rolling hills and no people. No houses, no Towns for over 250 miles. It was great. In the afternoon we came across a windmill farm and we gave up counting at 1,000 of them.... I have never seen so many at once..... crazy, I hope they are generating a lot of electricity for them!
This picture sort of shows you the terrain we crossed today:

The rock cuts in the highway seem to be made of limestone or something very soft, there is no good old "muskoka rock" out here....

In Texas everything is big, including the speed limit.... check this out:

Yes, that is 80 Miles Per Hour! Our motor home is measured in mph, and the top speed is only clocked at 80... We have been travelling at 65 mph which seems to be very comfortable for us. Most people on the highway today were not going 80, only about 70 ish.... Judy did most of the driving today, and handled that big rig very well, and didn't even freak me out once!

One thing for sure today, those cactus plants started to win out, and they are everywhere!

We made it to Fort Stockton today, still in Texas. It is a nice small town, and we have a spot in an RV park for $10.00 tonight! Full Service... thanks Passport America!

Short blog tonight, as I am having a fight with our wireless router....gggrrrrrrrr..... I hate that thing... Did watch the Leaf's win tonight in Tampa Bay! Go Leafs Go!

Till tomorrow!

Oh, will not update the map until tomorrow... no time tonight to play with that!

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