Friday, November 13, 2009

A hard day at the "GYM"

This morning Jenn came and picked Judy and I up at he RV and we headed just south of Town to a Gym! Time to finally get in shape, I have been waiting for this for a while....
To my utter surprise it was a gym for kiddies only..... imagine that...... Emmie seemed to know exactly what to do and headed for the trampoline with a basketball in sense starting with something easy!

Before you knew it, she was tired of playin on all the gym equipment by herself, so she started to suck us all in by joining her doing the routines. One of her favorite places was this hugh pit with square sponge blocks in it, ya had to be there.... 1st to get sucked in was Grama...Judy made some nice dives into the pool of blocks...

Next was Mummy's turn to get drawn into all the fun, she seemed like she could hardly wait! If this had been a real pool she would have made a perfect dive...
Mummy got mad at Emmie for making her jump in the pool of block, so she just picked up Emmie and heaved her into the POOL.... don't worry, little Emmie survived!

As much as I dtried resisting the temptations of jumping into the pool, Emmie just kept saying "Jump Pop Pop, Jump", "Jump Pop Pop, Jump"! She just would not quit. I had to give in, and took the header into the pool with her. You try to get out of one of these pools of blocks, looks easier than it is.

After a while they brought out a blow up bouncy house that Emmie really liked!

Overall, lots of fun and the gym for Emmie, and all of us watching her burn off an over abundant amount of youthfull energy!

It was a beautiful day here, it got up to the mid 25 degress C. and lots of sun. I understand you are all having nice weather up in Ontario as well...

Received some nice comments from a real good friend, Ed, up in Val Caron, and well, maybe his weather is not quite so warm... good to hear from you Ed... a return email will soon be on the way!

This afternoon we had to move the big rig up to dump the tanks and find some propane to keep the furnace happy for the cooler evenings. We also found a hugh new Super Wallmart Centre, so stocked up on some supplies.

David Reid from our Rotary Club in Gravenhurst informed me by email this afternoon of the passing of Bob Smallfield, one of our Rotarians. Bob was a super person, and excellent Rotarian, and will be missed by all.

Just sitting down now to watch my Leafs play the Black Hawkes, buy as usual, not a good start for the good guys... hope it gets better soon.

Tomorrow is supposed to get REAL hot here.... can't wait.

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