Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lots on the go!

Tuesday, Nov. 3/09

Took time tonight to take the pictures off my camera and found some that are real cool from a few days ago...where does time go!

These first couple pictures are back last Saturday when we decided to help Chris and Kristina bring some wood from Chris's Parents home in Dorchester to their place in Woodstock. We thought we could bring quite a load if we used the motorcycle trailer and pulled it with the motorhome. It worked. We ended up with quite a bit of wood for them. Here are some pics:

Strong like Bull! Here is Kristina lifting a log up to the electric log splitter. That thing worked real good!

Here are the two worker bees, that feed the cut logs to Kristina on the log splitter, dirty job, but someone has to do it...

Above is a look at part of the load going into the trailer. We had a good day overall, and they should be warm this winter.

Today we had a great day in Tennessee. The weather was fantastic! 65 degrees or so and nuthin but sun. A perfect day. We decided to stay where we are, at the Warrior's State Park for a week. We set up today, and got both satelites working just fine, so I am watching the Leafs play as I do this blog :-))

Judy bought this motorcycle windmill for our RV at the KOA in Pittsburg. Kinda of cool.

It was such a nice day today we decided to take the bikes out and take a bit of a tour of the State Park we are in, and also scout out a Passport America Park that we might move to next week. Here is the Eagle, getting ready to ride... bikes are warming up...didn't need much warming...

After the bike ride we came back to camp and lit a fire with some wood I found from a fallen tree in the park... there is lots of them. This park has everything, golf, boat marina, soccer fields, bike trails, hiking trails, hugh playground for kids, just about everything...

After the fire, we headed into Gray and had dinner with Jenn and Shawn, and Jenn's Mom. She made homemade soup thas was excellent.

Of course I had my camera and took some pics of you know who...

Here she is, yelling "Vegas" as her Mom and Dad pack thier bags to leave on a four day trip to Vegas tonight.

Overall a great day. It is fun to see how Emmie has grown, and today we found out the new baby that is due next year, will be a sister to Emmie!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another terrific day for weather, so we are going to load up the bikes, and head on a trip over to Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee. It is a real neat spot with lots to do. Should be fun.

This final picture is one I got Judy to take as we entered one of the mile long tunnels right through a mountain up in Virginia. Neat!

A bit of a long blog tonight, but Lots on the Go!

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  1. This blog is great, its awesome to see that you're having such a good time already. I *love* the idea of what you're doing... Amazing adventure. Keep updating!

    -Jon Jon