Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Saturday, November 7, 2009.

The header on the blog today says it all. Temps of about 25 degrees today and nuthin but sun again. Georgeous! Many l0cal people came out to enjoy Warrior's Path State Park today. Lots of kids in the playgrounds. Judy took this pic of me doing today's blog...

It was so nice out I decided to do it outside, plus I had to do it early today, as we are going into Shawn and Jenn's place tonight to join the neighbours for a Roast Turkey Dinner. They deep fry the Turkey's in peanut oil, so this will be something new!

Andrea brought Emmie out to the Park this morning, along with a neighbour, Chris, and his to kids, Fisher, and Ella. We all went to the play area which is incredible. The biggest one I have ever seen at a park.

The kids played for an hour and a half, and then we all headed over to the RV for some lunch

Just a great day! This is the entrance to the kids park:

If you let her Emmie would just swing all day.... life of a kid...

This is a full service marina inside the park! Boats have been going by me all afternoon as I sit outside. Our site is right beside the river.

Above is Emmie playing in a fort at the park!

Emmie and Fisher on the swings again.

Received an email from my brother Richard in Orillia yesterday, who just started reading the blog! Another converted follower! He just bought a ham radio and was talking to an operator 60 miles from us here in Tennessee.

Judy and I are talking to Kristina on skype right now, as I complete the blog....multitasking!

Toronto did hang on to win last night! Tonight they get to conquer Detroit!

That is it for today! Time to go...

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  1. A big hello from Gravenhurst !! I finally decided to checkout your blog and what a life it must be. It's a beautiful day here -- 12 degrees already. Mike and Steven are going golfing today. Hope you both have a great day. Chow for now - Trudi