Saturday, November 21, 2009

A day to rest! Even tourist need to rest!

A bit of a slow day today for us, time to recharge our batteries to get ready and travel again!
We had to move our site this morning, as the one we were on was booked by someone else. That took an hour to set up satellites etc. Judy walked across the road and did our laundry up.
This afternoon we took a walk around our park, down to the beach area. It is real nice, and is on a river. Here are some pics of the park area:
This is a small fishing dock and beside it is the boat launch area.

I am standing on the dock looking to my left for this show of a new fancy dock they added for more boats to dock...

This sign was right beside the fishing dock.... not good!

This furry critter lives down by the docks, and lives off of the droppings from the humans....

Here is Judy checking out the water at the beach. It was not too cold to swim she reported....

Weather was overcast today, but very warm overall, perfect for walking around. This afternoon we headed about 5 miles out to visit the Mobile Wallmart. More food!

This last picture is typical Alabama type trees... kind of cool.

Now that we are recharged, we will pack up tomorrow and head out to visit New Orleans. Never been there. They way we are moving, we may make it to Arizona by mid March next year!

Oh well, we are having fun trying to get there!

Just sitting around taking in the Leaf game tonight, tied 1 - 1 right now, should be a good 3rd. period, plus enjoying talking to my Daughter on "Skype" tonight during the game. It is nice to have things like Skype!

Hope everybody has a good weekend and thanks for reading!

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