Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Watch out for the "Cactus"...

When you travel across the country from one side to another you sure see some strange things, in last nights blog I was talking about levies that hold back water, and swamp land. Well, today we are on the road and decide to stop for a break at one of the road side stops, and low and behold what do we come across????

CACTUS! This was growing in the wild beside the parking lot so we took the pic. We found them growing all over the side of the road as we drove along... Don't know what kind of cactus plant it is, as I am not really "up" on my cactus plants.... if you know the name of this type of cactus, leave a comment on the blog!
As you can tell by what I am wearing in the picture, it was another beautiful day. Not quite as nice as yesterday, and it is a bit windy. Nice day for travelling!
While we were at the rest stop, we always check our equipment and Judy snapped a pic of this little butterfly trying to hitch a ride on our trailer tire...

We made it through 2 major cities today, Houston Texas which is huge, and then 2 hours later we made it through San Antonio. A bit of a challenge driving today as we had a cross wind that always wanted to blow the RV into the left lane... yikes....
We stopped in a small town on the west side of San Antonio, called Boerne, at a camp ground called "Top of the Mountain". The name serves it well. The landscape in this area is very unique. Lots of rolling mountains, and ranch settings.

People build great big houses on the top of these mountains.

We made it to our camp ground around 3:00 this afternoon, and it was bright and sunny, so we walked around to get our legs moving. The sites here are very nice, we are right on the top of the mountain, and the camp ground is filing up as people are coming in for the American "Thanks Giving" this Thursday. Actually they all take the week off pretty much. Thanks Giving is a bigger holiday here than Christmas is.

We are in the "Lone Star" State, and everywhere you look, you will see the Lone Star... even on the cement curbs on your campsite!

Judy decided to pass on jumping in the pool for a swim, she said it was just a bit too cool...

Right beside the front office, the have a pen set up, which is the home for this guy... don't know his name or what he does for a living at the park, but he sure liked rolling in the dirt.... he was covered in it and seemed pretty happy.

Received some nice comments from AnnaMarie at the "RBC" last night on the blog. Yes, Anna, I remember we do have to come back to Canada.... :-(( but not for a while yet. Some of the blogs I read daily of other RVer's, are talking about problems some of the Snow Birds are having crossing the Boarder this year into the U.S. Glad we did not have any problems, it was actually real easy for us.... must be cause we look like nice people!

Tomorrow is another travel day. We will not get out of Texas tomorrow, still a piece to go! But with the weather the way it is, who cares! Met some nice people who parked beside us this afternoon from Corpus Cristi, and they tell us this is actually a little cool for this time of the year, and it is usually warmer....bring it on! They wanted us to winter down at the southern tip of Texas, they say it is great! That is for another year.

Had a nice skype video conference with Emmie this afternoon. She looks like she is doing very well! We sure miss her already, and have just left her!

Well, time to call it a night! My bed is calling....

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