Friday, November 27, 2009

On the road early this morning, and yes, we hit "ARIZONA" by about 3:00 this afternoon. We stopped on the east side of Arizona for our lunch and were parked right beside a bunch of mountains, called the Texas Canyon. They were great...

We soon hit Tucson this afternoon and Judy had our campsite all picked out. Just south of Tucson about 12 miles out in the desert and mountains... However we had another job first... "Dora" our Endura (RV) required a bath. Judy using her "Eagle" vison scouted out a Truck Wash also used by RVs.

Here I am in action, getting her nice and clean again.

Along the way when we got to Tucson, there was a bunch of big cactus plants that Judy was able to catch with the camera...

This first picture is along the road out to our campsite...

This plant is actually inside our campground...

When we got set up, we had our our own cactus right on site:

I told Judy to give it a big hug, but she wouldn't.... I don't know why?????

The weather here this afternoon was 25 degrees and nothing but sun! We are happy! Two years of planning is finally here!

Tomorrow we plan to go hiking out in the mountains here at the campground, and maybe break out the bikes for a ride.

Plan on staying for a couple days anyways, and then maybe onward to Yuma... the weather is even better there!

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