Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well here I go again, simply another beautiful day in Tennessee, with great temperatures and clear skies. This morning we did not do too much, ended up going in to visit Emmie and Jenn which gave Judy a chance to catch up on our laundry. I ended up on the phone for like an hour, and managed to book Judy a flight in early Feb to fly from Toucon, Arizona to Johnson City, and give her a week to spend with Emmie, just when she turns 2. She is looking forward to the trip. I will stay in Arizona to keep the kitties fed, and take the chance to visit some people I know in Arizona, and generally tour around!
We came back to the RV in the afternoon, and went into pack up mode. We are leaving Tennessee tomorrow, back on the road again! We have had 17 great days here and loved every minute of it. It was great to see the kids and Emmie! The weather had been "simply the best" the whole time we have been here, and we have enjoyed Warrior's Path State Park. However we are ready to move on and start the long trek to Arizona. It is quite a piece to go, probably around 2,000 miles or so.
Judy got on the maps and books tonight, and it looks like we are going to drive to Atlanta, Georga tomorrow, which is about a 5 1/2 hour drive, maybe a little longer when you drive a monster motorhome and haul everything you own in it! We have our eye on a place called Stone Mountain Park, which has a big campground in it and is a Passport America Park, which means we will camp for 1/2 price!
We have to drive from Tennessee, to North Carolina, through South Carolina, and into Georga! When we pass through North Carolina we have to go through 2 mountain passes on the Blue Mountains. They are loooooooog climes, which will put our Diesel motor to the test! The good news is, after you go up, you get to go down......... it all works out in the wash!
At 4:30 this afternoon, Jenn brought Emmie out to the RV while she went to dinner with a Drug Company Colleague. We enjoyed dinner with Emmie and got to play with her until 7:30 when Jenn came to pick her up. We said our goodbye's for now. We had to say our goodbye's to Dr. Hollinger last night, as he went to work this morning and then at 5:00 this afternoon, he starts a call shift which will keep him in the Hospital overnight and probably home in the morning by 8:00.... I don't know how he does it.... I had trouble putting 8 hours in at the Bank and was whipped doing it.... it must be because he is young. Last night when we were at the Bristol Speedway, his beeper kept going off, and he had to make a couple of calls back to the Hospital to keep everybody in line... life as a Dr.
The only picture I have today is of Emmie of course, after dinner in the RV, we found a favorite program of hers on the TV, "Dora" and she got right into it!
Well that is it for tonight, still watching the Leaf's play Ottawa, late in the third, and they are down 1 goal, a common theme this year....
Hopefully I will be able to get the internet satelite put up tomorrow night to let you all know how we make out.


  1. Greetings from Gravenhurst. I am ticked that I did not look deeper into your blog as I have been watching for updates on your blogposts. I kept going to a bookmarked page I had of yours however for whatever reason it never showed updates so I did some digging and VOILA !!! Turns out you have been typing up a storm down there.

    Anyway it is exciting to see how you are doing and how much fun you are having. We are meant to take a big bite out of life and you two are both doing that to say the least. I look forward to seeing how you are doing and best wishes to you both.

    David Reid

  2. Hello John and Judy

    David was in and l got your blog great to see how you have been doing. Love that retirement eh safe journeys thru the mountains and Judy close your eyes on the way down .I remember when Don had me about ready to jump out.I don't know if was the fear of the descent or just enought of him playing on my nerves
    Take Care

    Anna Marie