Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1/2 way there...

We have made down to Washington, PA tonight, a good day of travel...

1st shock of the day was the price of American Diesel Fuel! Last year we averaged about $3.00 per gallon. Today we had trouble finding it under $3.25 per gallon! Yikes... there goes the budget! Only bought $195.00 worth today!

We stopped tonight at the big Wall mart Supercentre in Washington (not to be confused with Washington D.C.), and bought a boat load of groceries... $69.00. Would have been over a $100 in Canada... Crazy!

We got a little lucky crossing the American Border this morning. Only took about 15 minutes total! The Border Agents were very good, came on board and asked us if we were smuggling anybody into the U.S.A. while he looked in our bathroom. Lucky for us, we were not smuggling anybody! Probably the fastest border crossing we have had in a long time.

Can't post any pictures tonight, as we are in the Washington KOA using their broadband. It will not allow for the uploading of pics... didn't take any today anyways... so what does it matter!

When we got to the KOA tonight, it only took me 10 minutes or so to set up our Shaw Direct Dish so I could watch the hockey game tonight with the Leafs in Florida playing Tampa Bay. Too bad they are playing crummy... down 3 to 0, 1/2 way through the 2nd. Sure is nice this year to have the new 1st Strike Satellite Meter this year. Last year I averaged about 25 to 30 minutes to set up the satelite dish with the help of Judy and a lot of aggravation, and this year only 5 to 10 minutes by myself and easy to do! It was worth the $250 bucks!

Tomorrow we should make it down to Warriors Path State Park in Tennessee, and will hang out there for a while and visit the kids. Our Son, Shaw, has a major big test to write on Thursday and Friday. It is part of his American Medical Board Exams. Good luck Shawn. I know you will do well. For those who do not know, Shawn is in the third and final year of his Medical Residency as a Pediatrician. In July of 2011, he will return to Ottawa, where he has been offered a 3 year fellowship, after which he will be a Neonatologist. At least he has this weekend off!

Judy wants to head down to Pensacola, Florida after we leave Tennessee... might not be a bad idea. They have a great beach there... hopefully not much oil on it from the big spill this past year!

Whew... that is enough for tonight...

Till tomorrow...


  1. John & Judy
    Good to see all turned out well and you are on the road. That means we have some place to visit in California in January if we can geta cheap flight and car rental. Will keep in touch to see if it can work

  2. Our first boat load of groceries in the States a few days ago cost us $64 at a Wal-Mart supercenter. We paid over three dollars a gallon on our first couple fuel stops as well but the prices have dropped into the $2.75 range since moving further west. And just a few years ago we thought $1.88 a gallon in California was terrible.