Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Natchez Trace Parkway.

Well, where the heck have we been???

Two days without a blog post… unheard of!

We left Warrior’s Path State Park on Monday morning of this week, and we headed towards Nashville.  Had a great day on the road and made it about 50 miles down the Natchez Trace Parkway.  We stayed at a campground on the parkway, that can hold 32 RV’s, and they don’t charge you a thing to camp!  Problem was, way too many trees for our internet dish… Sad smile

This first pic is the very start of the Parkway… this is just south of Nashville, Tennessee.


You are only on the parkway for a couple miles, and you get to cross this spectacular bridge…


This is the view from the bridge… it was high!



We stopped on the parkway at the free campground, and you were allowed to pick up any wood to burn, and so we did… did not take long…


We ended up with a heck of a blaze going for about 3 hours!  It was a beautiful night for a fire.



We were on the road early this morning, and first thing we did was a trail, with a beaver pond… you can see the den and the dam…


This is another trail along the parkway.  It was the highest point in Alabama, but was only a little over 800 feet high…


RVlifeonwheels parked at the pull out for the trail!


We stopped for lunch at these mounds you see in this field.  They were ancient Indian burial mounds from the very time Christ was born!  Been here a long time.


This pic belongs with the beaver pond ones… sorry, but it was kind of cool with Judy on the stepping stones…



This is what a lot of the parkway looks like…


This is a picture for Emmie, of Her Granny driving her “Big Truck”…


There were a lot of bicycles, and motorcycles on the parkway today.


Well, it is Tuesday night, and this will not get posted to at least Wednesday!  We are at the very bottom of the parkway, and will now take Hwy. 61 from Natchez down to Baton Rouge.  From there we will turn right and head for California!

I am going through withdrawal as I have not had my internet for 2 nights now, and my Leafs are also playing tonight… boo hoo……. hope they win!

Till whenever!


  1. sorry can't say 'go leafs'..enjoy the game!!

  2. We traveled along the Natchez Trail near Tupelo Mississippi a few years back. Beautiful piece of highway with no trucks & lite traffic.

  3. You sure had a great looking campfire burning there! Quite the bridge too - nice picture. Looks to be a pretty scenic drive.