Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life of the RV’er… sometimes not so good…

It is nice to take a few days off from driving… we short of had a shut down day today after 3 straight days on the road.   It was nice to enjoy the Arizona sunshine today for sure!

Since be have been full timing for over a year and a bit now, there has been lots of fun going on!  Today was a little bit not so fun, as we learned this morning we have a problem with our mobile home.  It seems sometime over the past couple of days of travel, we ran into a problem with the coach part of our motorhome, actually separating away from the cab of our GM Truck.  Not good!  Here is a bit of a picture I took today…

This picture is the area between the cab of our truck and the actual RV.  If you look in the very centre of the picture you see a bit of a white line running down that eventually peters out… this is a crack between the cab and the RV unit that has formed from stress between the RV and the cab of the Truck.  We were able to go to a repair shop today, and the Owner came to our Park and looked at the problem.  

The good news is he feels it can be fixed.  Bad news is that it involves about 14 hours of repair work.

(… at over $100 per hour… Sad smile)

He has seen this type of problem before in these particular units, and he says the good news is we did not do a lot MORE damage and that this can be fixed.  Note:  trim pieces have been removed in this photo that normally would hide a lot of what you are looking at…


So as you can imagine, we have had to change our plans, as we do not want to travel with the rig at this point in time, in fear of causing more damage until it can be repaired!  

We will now be staying here at Apache Junction until about Dec. 8th.  The folks at Caliente Springs in California were very understanding and changed our reservation at the Resort with no problem.  We were scheduled to be there Dec. 1st. We also made arrangements to stay here at Sunrise RV Resort until the 8th or so.  The repair will require the RV going to the Shop for 2 full days, so we will be displaced!  Bob has offered the use of his “Guest Room” in his 5th wheel for us to use…  Thanks Bob!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. and we will celebrate again!

Made a quick stop today at “NAPA Auto Parts” and they sold me a nice new gas cap to fit our Rig for all of $8.99  ,  PERFECT!   Problem solved!

Had a nice Skype conference call tonight with Shawn and Jenn, and Emmie and Paige!  Lots of fun!

Well, at least we did not have a million pictures taken through the dash windows today!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I'm not sure how you caught that problem, but it was a good catch, nevertheless, before it got a lot more serious. Just a thought, did you inspect the other side of the cab as well to see if the problem was happening there too?

    As we all know, RV's are like houses, they both require periodic maintenance and repairs.

    Enjoy that US Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  2. Well, now that your staying in Apache Junction for a few days why not take a run out to Superstition Mountain for a nice hike up the mountain. And, be sure to do the 'Apache Trail' drive that runs out past the Lost Dutchman State Park. Allow yourself a full day for the Apache Trail, take your time & enjoy the scenery.......we did:))