Friday, November 26, 2010

Bob to the rescue!

So much for the Gap!

This morning at 10:00 we were up and at it, had the RV all set to travel, and we headed over to the parking lot of the local Ace Hardware Store here at Apache Junction. 

The Mission:  Fix the Gap that was created between our RV and the Cab.  Bob and I had put a lot of thought, and discussion into the problem, and decided we should try to correct the problem ourselves.  We did not have much to lose. 

We spent about 5 hours of work on it yesterday, and at least another 5 hours today, and I am pleased to say the Gap is gone and it looks like we have resolved the problem.  We took the motor home for a test run this afternoon and all went well.  We still have some work left that will get done in the next few days and is all finishing work.  Thanks for your help Bob!  It is appreciated. 

Bob came over and we enjoyed the hockey game this evening… (not to mention a great diner prepared by Judy)

Thanks to a comment from Angela, I learned I had a picture of a “Horned Toad” in last night’s blog that we came across out route 88.  It did appear to be frog like to us… just had never seen one like it!

I had to laugh tonight while reading Rick’s blog from B.C.  He had trouble with a football game reception due to SNOW on his Shaw Direct Dish!   He mentioned it was the first time this happened to him… huh… when I lived in Gravenhurst this was a daily occurrence at times… I had a special broom with an extended handle to take snow off the dish!  By the way Rick, in Ontario we have a “Driver’s Licence”… not a Driver Licence!

Poor Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch are going through a bit of cold weather in the Elfrida area of Arizona and his temp. gauge was reading 10 Degrees F. early this morning!  Hope that gets better soon Al…

Not a single pic today as we were way too busy working on the motorhome problem!  Sure happy with the results though…

Hiking is on the agenda for tomorrow!

Till tomorrow…



  1. Here in good old Gravenhurst it's about minus five degrees and as I type this we are in the middle of a snowstorm that's threatening 25-40cms of snow tonight .....:-(

    Glad to hear you've solved your RV issues and can move onward. Say hi to Bob for us.

  2. Great news on being able to get your RV and cab problem all fixed - that will definitely save a lot of time not to mention a whole bunch of "loonies"!

    I wondered what folks who live in areas with a lot of snow did about satellite dishes. I kind of thought there might be a more high tech solution than just a long broom!!