Saturday, November 20, 2010

Corpus Christi or bust!

What a day it was today!  Over 25 degrees C.!!!

I am sitting here tonight at 8:30 and still have the main door open and I am hot!   Love it…

We loaded the Burgman this morning on behind the Jeep on our Moto Tote and headed for Corpus Christi.  We wanted to visit this area last year, but no time…   this year we made it!  

It is a 130 miles from where we are to Corpus Christi all on Hwy. 37 which is 4 lanes divided, so that is why we took the Jeep.  Once we got to Corpus, we headed for the Shoreline Drive and found a nice Park to enjoy lunch and park our Jeep in. 

Here is the skyline of Corpus Christie as we approached on Hwy. 37.  Don’t let the fancy skyline fool you, most of the downtown area seemed deserted and really affected by the recession.


This is as you approach the downtown.  We did not show you the four gasoline refineries we passed on the way in.  Corpus is a major port on the Gulf of Mexico and a lot of oil ends up here to be converted to gasoline.


We stopped at this park, which is close to downtown, and is on Corpus Christi Bay.


Lots of open space and lots of water…


We found this neat little picnic table to enjoy our lunch on.


These 3 kids were fishing while we had lunch.


We off loaded the Burgman and Judy was the co-pilot as well as official photographer.  Multi talented that women!   As you can see, there is a real nice parkway right along the bay here.


These fine homes have a direct view of the bay, right across the road!


There were a lot of people fishing in the bay…


We were headed towards San Padre Island, but by fluke we ended up out on Mustang Island.  We found this lovely beach right on the Gulf of Mexico… the sand was real nice…


The sky was a bit cloudy, but the sand was hot and the water warm…


You can pay a fee and camp right on this beach.


Judy was checking for any of BP’s oil, but we couldn’t find any thankfully!


We took a ferry boat from Mustang Island back over to the main land and made our way back to Corpus Christi by way of a big loop.  Great ride! We put about 130 Klicks on the Burgman today!


Here I am hanging on to the Burgman… it was only a 10 minute ride and it was free!


This tug was giving a big barge a push…


Check out the monster RV on the other ferry, and there is another one, JUST BEHIND HIM… yikes…


This is the U.S.S. Lexington tied up at Corpus Christi.  It is an aircraft carrier, and I believe you can now tour it as it is retired, just like me! 


Overall we had a great day!  Made it back to the RV in time to Q up some burgers and enjoy watching my Leafs get beat by the Habs no less…

Sad smile

Tomorrow we may just pack up all our stuff and hit the road… maybe…

Till tomorrow…

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  1. The only part of coastal Texas we have been to was south of Beaumont somewhere. I remember having to drive right through a large oil refinery. The smell of oil was in the air all along the beach, much traffic congestion & the water did not look good. We had driven a long way to get to a park there hoping to stay a few days but left after about an hour. Much disapointment as we then turned ourselves around & exited the whole area heading for Louisiana in search of less populated & less polluted places. We have criss crossed Texas at different times & the only areas we ever found that we liked were Big Bend National Park & the Fort Davis region. Haven't been to the Corpus Christi & Brownfield areas. I think most Canadian Snowbirds flock to the Rio Grande Valley & I have never understood why except that it may be a tad cheaper. Weather is so unpredictable in the winter there as well.....