Sunday, November 28, 2010

“It never rains in California…” but it does in Az.

It was very overcast here first thing this morning when we got up around 7:30.   Enjoyed our morning and at 9:00 headed over to the Church Service that is offered in our Resort.  Over 150 people were there this morning for an excellent turnout!   After coffee time, we left at 11:00 to go back to our RV and it was raining!   Nice soft rain…

We enjoyed lunch and then I headed over to Bob’s to pick him up, as we had planned to go into Phoenix and take in the New Cars Show at the Phoenix Convention Centre. 

I think this Convention Centre looks like it is right out of some Engineer’s Magazine… It is attached to another building that looks identical across the road.


The Convention Centre dwarfs this old Church that is located right downtown…


It was a nice spot for the show… lots of room.


I thought this was a cool speedometer on the new Mini Cooper…


Our son in law Chris is a big VW fan, and he would love this little VW… love those rims…


Check this out… the new Nissan Leaf.


The Leaf is a fully electric auto, with ZERO emissions.  It sort of looks like an engine in the car you see below, but it is an electric motor!  The Leaf sells for only $25,000 in the U.S. and you can go about 110 miles on one charge of the battery, and it will go 90 MPH believe it or not!.  Could make a good second car I guess.


Not to be outdone, GM had the new Chevy Volt on display.  It is an electric car, but has a small gas motor to charge the battery if you run out of power.  At least you can keep going with this one.  In Canada I think these will sell for over $41,000.00 – ouch…


The Volt is a good looking car…


The new Chev Camaro is good looking as well!


And it would not be a good car show without a Vette!


The most expensive car at the show was this real nice looking Rolls Royce Phantom, that sells for the paltry price of $475,000.00 U.S.  (I know, and it doesn’t even have a roof…)


Jeep has a new model out and they are apparently going after a younger crowd!


Jeep sponsored this rock climbing wall…


Jeep had the only inter-active display, and here a Wrangler comes down a 35 degree slope !


I would hate to be holding onto my Timmy's…


Up an over the railway ties… these things will go anywhere… now wonder we bought one!


Jeep even had an RV on display… only a bed and a cooler box and table in it though… however it had a great set of wheels and could be towed anywhere!


It was a fun way to spend the afternoon on a little bit of a cooler day in Az. 

Judy stayed home to do a bunch of stuff, that included making a big old pot of chile, so I enjoyed that while watching Montreal win the Grey Cup!

Till tomorrow…


  1. nothing like a Jeep!!..nice little jeep trailer!!

  2. If they have the Rolls in red, I'll take it. Otherwise, I'll have to settle for one of those Jeeps the little kids are driving!