Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don’t worry Judy, only 5,500 steps to go…

This time last year, we had cleared the border, and were down in Johnson City area of Tennessee visiting and Son and His Wife and of course the Grand Kids.

We took the motorcycles with us last year, and Judy and I went for a tour of the country side.  Lots of mountains  in the area…


We stayed at Warriors State Park, only about 5 miles from Shawn and Jenn’s house.


Another beautiful morning in Milton.  Judy and I were out and about for a walk, and my new/old pedometer told me we made 5,500 + steps today!  Now that is more like it!

Kristina and Stephanie were on their way to tour Toronto, and stopped by the park and had lunch with us.  Good to see them. 

till tomorrow…


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