Friday, November 19, 2010

“Remember the Alamo”…

Those famous words describe a lot of history here in San Antonio.  I must admit I did not know a lot about San Antonio at all… Did not even know the “Alamo” was here!   I do remember seeing the movie John Wayne made on the Alamo however… must go and find it and watch again…

Today Judy and I headed in our trusty Jeep downtown San Antonio to find the Alamo and whatever else came with it!  What a day.  We had a blast.  San Antonio is very easy to get around by way of your vehicle… lots of parking and not too much traffic, even for a Friday afternoon. 

First off we found the Alamo.  The first picture tonight is for recorded history, I was there! The original Alamo was built on 4.5 acres of land with a river running through it.  Won’t go into a whole bunch of history on it, but it is a large piece of American History, and the Texas Revolution.  

There is only two buildings remaining from the original Alamo.  The building you see below is the original Mission Building.  We toured through it, with not pictures allowed inside.  San Antonio has built all around this property. 

Santa Anna, from Mexico, lead the charge with 2,000 Mexican Soldiers, against 200 defenders that included Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett!   The standoff lasted 9 days, however the end battle was only about 1 1/2 hours… All the defenders were killed.   The “win” at the Alamo, made Santa Anna and his army think they could take on the world, however they were defeated at Houston, Texas later on, and hence the start of the Texas Revolution. 


These current day Soldiers were taking photo opportunities with the American Flag, in front of the Alamo.


Checking out the grounds of the Alamo, the tree was transplanted here many many years ago…


The Alamo was fortified with many cannons, but they did not really help in the end…


After we finished up at the Alamo, we soon figured out that the San Antonio River flows through the downtown.  They developed this waterfront into a “River walk” area… what a great idea!


No idea what the sculpture represents, but it looked cool!


Lots of these trolley buses going around downtown.


Typical street scape from downtown…


The River Walk area is the diamond of the City.  It is fully developed and simply fun to be walking around in. 


Judy was checking out one of the many waterfalls… note Judy playing the tourist today in her shorts!  It was about 25 degrees C.


One of the many hotels along the River.  We were having lunch right across the river.  They were having a birthday party, that is why they are wearing the funny hats… Mexican Musicians also play in this area.


Check out the legs on this dude…


When we finished up on the River Walk, we toured downtown, and ended up at the “Tower of the America’s”   This tower was built in 1968 as part of the World’s Fair that was held.  So even though it was over 40 years old, I decided it would stand for another day, so we decided to go up.



You get a nice view of the City and surrounding area from 750 feet up!


Ya, the sky looked like that all day! 


Down there in the middle of the picture is the Alamo!  At the bottom of the tower, we went and watched a 4D Movie about Texas which was simply excellent!


We enjoyed out tourist day, and made it back this afternoon to the RV Park, in time to wash the Burgman, and the Jeep.  When you haul them behind your Motorhome for over 2,000 miles, they tend to get a little dirty, but all is good now!


A big RVlifeonwheels welcome to Karen, from Georgia, our newest blog follower… thanks for joining along in our adventures!

The people in the park put on a nice pork chop dinner tonight with veggies and potatoes and desert for $5.00… it was good, and we met a nice couple from B.C. who are doing pretty much the same thing Judy and I are doing… why not!

More touring planned for tomorrow… stay tuned!

Till tomorrow…


  1. yeah for the BC couple!..wonder if we know them??..great shots of the Alamo today!!

  2. Nice to see the color in the photos & always nice to see trees & water. Here in the desert region we don't get to see a lot of those things sometimes.

  3. Very nice post about San Antonio. San Antonio, the River Walk, The Tower of the America's, The Alamo, and of course, the wonderful food - all make for a great location to visit.

    Not sure where you are staying, but if you enjoy good/authentic Mexican food, just step a few blocks away from the River Walk and you will run into the excellent (and less expensive) restaurants the area is known for.

  4. Nice pictorial summary of your visit to the Alamo and River walk. Mark and I live in San Antonio and run a family owned RV Park. We always enjoy getting visitors views of our city. Maybe we'll get to serve you on your next trip through SA. Happy travels and look forward to keeping up with you.

  5. Enjoyed your photos of San Antonio. Looked like a fun time. River Walk is such a neat place - loved the food.