Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You can’t be having fun all the time…

We sort of need a down type day, to get over all the fun of yesterday’s big Jeep tour… sure was a lot of fun, and more are being planed for the future.  Spent part of the day reading up on the two Guide Books that we bought yesterday which are loaded with all kinds of info including tips on how to actually drive the trails with your vehicle.

It was a bit on the cool side first thing this morning, but it warmed up very nice.  Lots of sun and that is what counts.  Judy was in the pool early doing aqua aerobics while I was out with Bob this morning running errands…

Comments on yesterday’s blog  by Sue and Doug were that a dirty Jeep is a happy Jeep… well maybe, but I hate seeing it dirty so this afternoon Judy caught me cleaning it.  Her comment was “are you not planning on going out on the trails again in a couple of days???”


While I was cleaning the Jeep, she was cleaning the Burgman…


Our new site at Sunrise RV Resort… it is a lot more on the level side than our other one was…


We have more Park Model Units on our street than we do RV’s, but that is OK, makes for a nice quiet evening and day… the way I like it!  This Resort is for people 55+, so there is not a whole bunch of hoop la going on anyways…


I decided to call the Head Office of Gulf Stream this morning.  This is the Company that manufactures our Motorhome, the Endura.  I wanted to see if I could talk to someone and find out more about the problem we had with the RV, and find out if they had any other ideas, or comments.  Had to leave a message on a voice machine so kind of wrote that idea off… who would bother calling back someone with a problem?

Surprise – about 20 minutes later one of the Vice Presidents of Gulf Stream called me.  Must say I was a bit shocked!  We had a real good talk, and he made a number of suggestions in regards to the fix for our Unit.  At this point in time, we did exactly what he is suggesting, so I feel a whole lot better after talking to him.  I may make some minor alterations to the work we have done, but will put more thought to it… no sense rushing into anything without exercising the brain cells first.

Sure was impressed with Gulf Stream, and the timely manner in which they called back! 

Tomorrow looks like it may be time for another hike!

Till tomorrow…

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  1. Pretty impressive about Gulfstream alright! Can't believe they called back at all let alone so fast!

    After the torture you put your Jeep through the other day, it looked to be in showroom condition from your pictures - great cleaning job!

    Now, go and get it dirty again!