Sunday, November 21, 2010

We decided to hit the road again!

We were up and at it early this morning.  We decided to continue our trek out west instead of waiting for Monday.  We even managed a load of laundry as the laundry facility was right beside our rig.  We were camped south of San Antonio so we headed north and picked up Interstate 10… Lots of roads around San Antonio…


After you leave San Antonio and head west, well, there is not much to see…  very few Towns to go through and about 600 miles to get to El Paso.  We drove 250  miles today.  We passed over a lot of ranch type land, and a lot of rolling hills and some mountains.  Check out some of these rock cuts… they are big!


It was a nice warm day for travelling…


This was a huge rock cut… it all seemed to be like a limestone or something like that…


and you cannot travel west without a bunch of electricity producing windmills!


We made it to Fort Stockton tonight and are at the same park we stayed at last year when we made it here.   My favourite Judy pic of the day is below, the town’s mascot Roadrunner, decorated out for Christmas with his Santa Hat on!


When we arrived in Fort Stockton, one of the Town’s Banks had a sign up telling us it was 81 Degrees F. or 28 Degrees C.   It was warm and felt an awful lot like summer!

Till tomorrow…

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  1. Hey, it was 28 degrees here today too - only it was Farenheit! Those pics of the rock cuts were pretty amazing - must have been a lot of blasting done there!