Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big day on the road!


Just to catch everybody up on a few things, as we have been a little bit busy!  We spent the 2nd night on the Natchez Trace Parkway at the free campsite at the bottom of the parkway.  We had a great night, having gone through withdrawal of not technology, as the trees are the big eliminator!

At the bottom end of the Trace, we came across this building.  It was build in the early 1800’s and is the oldest building believed to be in the State of Mississippi.  It was called a “Stand”, where weary travellers  walking the Trace, could stop and have a hot dinner, and stay the night.  The cost???   $.25 cents! 


The Trace was opened up by men and women who floated their crops down the river for sale in the cities of Trace, and Baton Rouge.  They could not float the boats back up stream, so the sold them for the wood.  That left them with some money and no way home, so they walked, about 500 miles up the Trace.

Also at the bottom of the trail we came across a piece of the original Trace, that sunk…


Here is Judy making her way down the Trace…


We made it down off the Trace and turned right on Interstate 10 heading towards California.  We stopped for the night near Lafayette, Louisiana.  Had a good night, and then we left early this morning.  We wanted to get to the other side of Houston, Texas.   It is a big City!  We made it by lunch time with Judy taking a quick pic through the windshield.


Oh ya, did I mention the temperature got up over 20 degrees C.  today!  Nice!

This was our site this morning in Louisiana. 


As we left our campsite, the first thing we had to do was cross a 23 mile bridge over the Louisiana Swamps…  what a bridge.  I commented on it last year when we crossed. 


There is not only one bridge, they built two!  One going each way with 2 lanes on each side…


We stopped in Louisiana at a truck stop as I needed a bit of oil for the Duramax, and they had a Tiger on display.  It has been here for 10 years.  It was well fenced in, so no one is getting hurt by the tiger.  It looked pretty tame… but who knows…


So we are now at San Antonio, Texas, and we have decided to take a couple days off of travelling as we are a bit road weary.  We are at a nice park that has everything!   One thing I want to do this weekend is go and visit the Alamo!  It is right downtown San Antonio! Might have to find a car wash too, as the Jeep is a little dirty right now!

Hey, we got here in time tonight to set up Shaw Direct and I was able to take in the Leafs on Leaf TV, as they beat the Devils 3 to 1… go Leafs!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Looks like you had a very interesting day exploring the Trace. That old building sure looks to be in good shape and well maintained.

  2. I think the "Trace" is great, so much history to tell. The "Sunken" Trace story is very interesting too, glad you took that picture.

  3. don't forget River Walk it is in the vicinity of the Alamo....hard to believe that that was a primitive area in Davey's day.
    bob h