Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Will Remember Them…

We spent the whole day in Warrior’s Path State Park… Got all set up on a new lot that is a little easier to level the rig.   We watched the Remembrance Day Ceremonies from Ottawa on the CBC this morning.  Very large turnout.  Good to see. 

Could not post the blog last night, never got the system up and running until this morning.

Yesterday we had a nice drive on a beautiful day.  Here are some shots taken in West Virginia.


This is one of two large tunnels that go right through the mountain, instead of going around it!


Kind of weird inside the tunnels with the lights… this one is about 1 mile long…


Lots of nice countryside in this area… notice the clear sky! 


We made it to Warrior’s Path State Park around 4:00 yesterday.  Filled up on propane to keep our furnace happy.  Found a campsite and headed into see the Hollingers…   Here is Emmie showing us she has learned how to make her hands disappear!


Little Paige has yet to learn how to make her hands go away… Emmie is trying to teach her…


Jenn and the kids came out to our site this afternoon and we had a blast.  Shawn was away writing Dr. exams again… never ends.   Didn’t take long for Emmie to find the playground…


“But Grannie… I can do this myself”…


It was a nice day to sit around the playground…


Jenn might have to add another fleecy sheet to the dry cycle…


Our rig viewed from the playground…


Emmie and I had just hiked down to the river, through all that bush you see behind the RV…


Had to add this next picture in… early this morning, Judy saw this truck drive by our rig, and a racoon was looking out of his cage right at her.  He stopped here, and went into the bush and picked up another cage with another racoon in it, that you see him loading here…   apparently they take them to the racoon motel!


Good news from Al of the “Bayfield Bunch”.  He is down in the Texas area now, and left a comment on our blog from the other night and indicates the fuel prices are much lower as we head out west!  This is good news!  Thanks Al. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. looks like a great day with the grandkids!! the 'hair one'!!

  2. Looks like you are having a great time in TN and the weather looks good. Here in our FL RV park, a man catches raccoons and a maintenance workers takes them home for "dinner". Yuck!