Monday, November 8, 2010

Clear for take off… let the fun begin!

We made it on time to my Dr.’s appointment this morning, after Angela and David provided us with a nice breakfast… thanks guys, your hotel is fantastic!  5 Star!

The good news is that I am now totally cleared to travel, and we will be leaving tomorrow morning for Tennessee!  We met with my new Cardiologist and he is simply fantastic.  I will be back to see him again in the spring!

We are down in Milton tonight back at our RV, and we were able to work on getting ready to leave tomorrow.  The Jeep and the Burgman are all hooked up and ready to roll!  We will take two days of travel to reach Johnson City area, where we will stop and spend some time with Shawn, Jenn, Emmie and Paige!  Can’t wait!.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Have a safe trip and we will look forward to your blogging about your winter activities in the future.
    Wilf n Elizabeth Blakey

  2. have travels to you!! We look forward to reading about all your adventures this winter!!