Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just another 5,000 steps…

Yes, we are in the walking mode these days, and this morning we loaded into the Jeep and headed downtown Milton to walk the main street.  It is a long one…

One of the first things we came across this morning right on the main street, is St. Paul's United Church.  It was built in 1852!!!   Problem is, it was recently condemned by the City of Milton, due to the roof not being safe.  There are many more problems with is old building, so it is going to come down.   They are going to rebuild something new in it’s place.


They have a great Main St. in Milton…


At the far end of the Main St. we came across the Anglican Church… again, a very majestic building.


We stopped in the Play it Again Sports Store, and I picked up a pair of in line skates for $29.00.  I love skating and hope to get some more exercise!



Didn’t take to long and I was just a rolling about!


Kristina and Stephanie were heading home to Woodstock today from a day in Toronto and stopped in and had dinner with us. 

Had a skype phone call with Paige and Emmie tonight, and Emmie recited the “Pledge of Allegiance” to us that she learned in school today in Tennessee!

Till tomorrow…

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