Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Touch down at Apache Junction!

Up early again in Deming, New Mexico to a beautiful blue sky!  Had some outside and inside work to complete, but we were soon on our way.  With Apache Junction being our target for the day, we decided to leave good old Highway 10 and head north on the 70.  It sure looked like a more direct root on the map and it was.  It also turned out to be one of the nicest drives we have take in Az.  We headed north on the 70 at Lordsburg, and the biggest Town we ended up going through on the way was Globe which is a fair size.

This is how the road looks as you head north on the 70 highway.  It looked like this for quite a while…


As you make your way through Franklin and Duncan, you get into cotton country!  Check out the finished bale of cotton on the side of the road…


Lots of cotton was growing in the area… looks a bit like snow in the fields…




Shortly after all that cotton, Judy found a mountain full of saguaro cactus’… we just love these plants… sorry about the blurs in the photo’s today, however they were all taken by Judy on the fly from the cab…



When you hit Miami, Az. you see this!  My favourite pic of the day is of the Gold and Copper mine at Miami.   What a footprint these folks have left… yikes…


As you leave Miami, and head over to Superior, Az. you are in for a big treat.  You have to go through a mountain pass that will take your breath away!   Pictures through the dash window do not do these mountains any justice, however it is all we had, and there was no where to pull over… all of this land is in the Tonto National Forest.


It would have taken a lot of work to complete the rock cuts in this pass…


Very dramatic… we kept saying to each other… “Wow, look at that…”


and again…


You have to actually drive the pass to be able to appreciate the beauty!


Very cool mountains…


And a tunnel no less…


We made it to Sunrise RV Resort, and went to see Bob Hayes, but he was not home… out touring on his motorcycle…


We have our own orange tree on our lot! 


Al from the Bayfield Bunch sent a comment on last night Jeep tour, and indicated we were probably in the Florida Mountains! Of course, he was right!  He knows them better than the back of his hand.  Thanks Al…  by the way, Al and Kelly went on a Jeep tour themselves today with their new Jeep… Al has become very fond of his Jeep.  You can catch their adventure at   

We will probably be here until Saturday, when we plan on leaving and heading over to Borrego Springs for a stint in the Desert!  

Oh ya, and if anyone stops at the Pilot Gas Station tomorrow, in Lordsburg, New Mexico, that is my gas cap for my RV sitting on pump 12, the one that pumps diesel fuel.  Can you pick it up and bring it over to Apache Junction please!

Till tomorrow…


  1. hope you get your gas cap back?..maybe Al from the Bayfield Bunch can bring it on over?..I am sure he mentioned Borrego Springs in his post?..isn't he just over the next hill or around the next corner!?

  2. Another great post today. Very difficult to beat the south west for beautiful scenery.

  3. It is soooooo easy to forget a gas cap at the pumps. I'm sure I would have lost my rig's cap a couple dozen times now if I hadn't got into the habit of putting the cap in my pocket. Not always an easy thing wedging the cap into the pocket but if I don't do that & set the cap on the pump....I will forget it for sure.

  4. beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing

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