Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time to hit the road again!

We spent a great day again, with Shawn and Jenn, Emmie and Paige.  Shawn and Jenn are big into hiking, and we took a trail out here in Warrior’s State Park.  They also like to geocache, and we found one today!

Everybody is all saddled up for the big hike…


Baby Paige was keeping an eye on Judy, who was our photographer for the day!


Lots of trees with no leaves… they are all on the ground.  Nice day for a hike, not too sunny, and nice and cool.


There was a large portion of the trail on a boardwalk, that went over a swampy area…


We didn’t mess with this guy, we just kept on going…


We followed a creek for a while, and then the whole thing just drained down this sink hole… it went underground!


Emmie is hold an enormous leaf which is right in front of Shawn’s face…


Baby Paige just could not take all the excitement!


Just a mile or so from the trail, we found the geocache, which I struggled to open…


Emmie took a plastic “Ant” out of the geocache, and we put a Canadian Tooney, and a Canadian Nickel into the geocache.


I am putting the geocache back into it’s hiding spot!


We all made our way back to the RV for dinner.  Emmie calls our RV “Granny’s Big Truck”…

We sure enjoyed our time in the Johnson City area visiting with the Hollingers.  Thanks for all your hospitality Shawn and Jenn.  Too bad the Flames flamed out last night, and the Maple Leafs took another fall, but maybe next time… 

Sue and Doug left a comment last night on the blog, cheering on Vancouver…  seems to have worked.  Not to worry folks, my Maple Leafs will prevail… one day maybe!  

Tomorrow Judy and I will head west, on Interstate 81 and make our way over to Nashville, Tn.  From there we will pick up the Natchez Trace Parkway, and follow it, hopefully all the way down to the City of Natchez, which is in Mississippi for anyone who does not know…   It is about 455 miles long!  This will probably take a few days to accomplish.  When we hit the bottom, we will turn right and head for Az.  Should be a few good days of travel, although some rain is in the forecast.  Good thing we have wipers.

Till tomorrow…


  1. ha!!..for once the canucks prevailed!!..great job on the geocache!..

  2. Sounds like you have been having such a great time. I enjoyed the animal photos...and captions!