Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy “Thanksgiving” Everyone!

Today is American Thanksgiving… yes, we celebrated with a big Turkey Dinner that Judy put together for Bob and myself.  It was good…

Today we went out on a tour…   we headed out with Bob in the lead on his Kawasaki and Judy and I pulling up the rear on the Burgman.  Bob took us out Route 88, which is also known as the “Apache Trail”…   what a ride!

There are lots of sites to see along this route, among them being Superstition Mountain, Canyon Lake, Tortilla Flats, and Fish Creek.  There is also an old Gold Mine that tourist flock to… we did it all!

Here is Bob heading out 88…


Canyon Lake is real neat, but I thought the mountains were on a bit of a slant…


You get a nice scenic view of Canyon Lake.


Next on the list was Tortilla Flat’s… It is a neat little spot, but was all closed up today, as it was Thanksgiving!


There is lots that goes on here…


Bob and Judy were searching for something to eat, but we got denied!



This was originally a school house, and is now a museum at the flats…


Judy wanted to go and dig for gold in the mine, but we convinced her other wise…


Lots of photo opps with the bikes…


Real nice place… no room in the blog for 1/2 of the pictures we took today.  It was a nice clear sunny day, but a bit cool, you wanted your leather coat on while driving on the bikes!


This is a terrible picture that I took through the window at Tortilla Flat’s Restaurant, but if you look close at the walls, they are covered with $1.00 bills by the patrons, there are thousands of them!


Bob was trying to figure out if it was easier to find some gold, or go back and peel a few $1.00 bills off the walls of the restaurant!


We made it out to Fish Creek, but could not make it all the way out to the Roosevelt Dam as they had the road closed for repairs.  Judy is standing at Fish Creek.


You can see the rugged landscape and the road as it winds out to Roosevelt Dam.


This is the first time we have been in this area, and I am sure this is a very Iconic Picture that many people would recognize as Superstition Mountain.


Across from the mountains is an old deserted Gold Mine that is a bit of a tourist trap.   It was all closed up today so we got to see it and save our money!  Check out the cactus behind the steamer!


There was lots for the tourist to do at the old Town.  The owner was there and Bob got a little of the history of the site, kind of cool!


I did not want to tell Bob, but this is what they did to you for picking up any loose gold nuggets…


This old stage coach seemed to be frozen in time… it was at the Flat’s…


This was the view looking across the road from the stage coach…


Up at Fish Creek, I found this little guy by the side of the trail, and I don’t have a clue as to what it is?  Anybody know???


In answer to Rick’s question from last night blog, yes the cab separated on both side of the RV.  Bob and I spent some time looking at the situation today, and trying to decide if we can complete the work ourselves… still need more time to work on this one. 

Yikes, this turned into a marathon blog… better wrap it up for the night…

Till tomorrow…



  1. Glad that you made it out on the Apache Trail:))

  2. looks like yet another great day for you and Judy!..peel away a few hundred for me too!!

  3. I am not positive but your little friend looks like a horned toad to family owned a pet shop many years ago and we used to sell little guys that looked just like that.

  4. We went on that same drive along the Apache Trail about 3 years ago. Your pictures brought back a lot of great memories. I remember Tortilla Flats pretty well - thanks for posting all the great pics.