Friday, February 25, 2011

Big News in Blog Land tonight…

Our Daughter, Kristina, is soon to be expecting her first child, which will be our 3rd. grand child!  Can’t wait…


She is just over 1/2 way through, and sent us this picture of her “Baby Bump”…

Turns out today, that after a visit to Her Doctor, the word is the baby will be a girl!  The females have been taking over our Family!  

This news immediately put Judy into the shopping mode today, as we headed over to Temecula.  It is a great little Town and has a great Mall that we really liked. 

One of the reasons I wanted to head over to Temecula, was the fact that Hobby Town, USA is located there, and I wanted to take a look at the current stock of airplanes…

Check it out… I picked up a P-47D Thunderbolt.  The same plane that Ben Affleck flew in the movie “Pearl Harbour”… only mine is a bit smaller…


Not to worry, it will be a while before I actually fly the plane, as I have to get used to it on my Spectrum Simulator on the Computer first!  Downloaded the plane tonight! Ready to fly!

When we got back to Desert Hot Springs tonight, we had plans to meet up with Rick and Paulette from   Rick & Paulette's RV Travels and go out to dinner.   Rick had in mind a great Mexican Restaurant on the main street of Palm Springs…

The shot below is taken inside the restaurant… nice spot!  Great dinner!


Thanks for the great evening of fun and entertainment… Judy and I enjoyed! 


Very blurry picture below, but outside the Restaurant, there were horse and buggy rides… well you get the picture…


Just another overall great day, other than a bit of wind in the desert again today… supposed to rain again tomorrow… as Paulette said at dinner tonight, “at least it isn’t snow”…

Till tomorrow…


  1. congratulations to the happy family!!!..another girl!!..enjoy the 'baby shopping'

  2. Congratulations to your daughter on her first child, and you on your third grandchild.

  3. Congratulations again! It is so much fun shopping for little girls. I have 5 grandchildren, only one is a girl, and she is now almost 18. That sweet baby clothes time only lasts a moment.

  4. Congratulations on your new little grand daughter coming soon! We had all girls in our family too but then BAM my oldest daughter had twin boys... LOL LOL Now I am thinking girls are easier!!! Glad you had a fun night with good friends and good food!
    Have fun & travel safe

  5. Exciting news, congratulations! What a beautiful daughter Kristina is.

    I guess I'll have to mount a few anti-aircraft guns on my right just in case you decide to do a couple of practice strafing runs over the Sands RV Park.

    Great dinner last night and we enjoyed your company very much. Can't wait to meet up again sometime.

  6. Jeanette got to meet you - while I was busy with a friend from home. I did not get to meet you but we hope to have that opportunity next winter. We'll keep in touch through your blog.