Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red Deer invades Desert Hot Springs…

We were off early this morning, well 10:00 a.m. if that is early for you, to LAX to pick up Andy and Gladys flying in from Red Deer, Alberta.

Before we left, we had to navigate our way through the Tour de Palm Springs… check this out:

There were a few thousand people out on bikes today taking part in a big race…


There was a big check point and washroom break right across the road from our resort.  They had a live band playing to entertain… what a sight!


There were all kinds of different bikes, including the famous… bicycle built for two!


We could not spend too much time watching the bikes, and had to beat feet for LAX… check out the control tower below… what a statement for this City!   Gotta love it!



After a bit of confusion we caught up to Andy and Gladys and got them loaded into the Jeep.  As it was only 2:00 p.m. we decided to take a run south of L.A. on the Pacific Coast Highway, and check out Huntington Beach.  It is a great spot and the beach was busy today being Saturday!

Here I am giving them _ _ _ _ for not wearing shorts to L.A.  


It was a nice warm afternoon on the beach, and you can tell the sun was starting to think about falling into the water…


Sure looks like a drilling rig to me…


I could not resist taking pics of these two guys playing fetch the tennis ball with their owner…


When the ball was thrown, they were just a blur… yes, you can bring your dog to Huntington Beach, and there were a lot of them… Even had parking lots for people with dogs only!


And this pic is for Chris, our son in law, even though it is not a very big wave this guy was on, he still caught it!


A great day overall, with a bit more confusion at the end… Andy and Gladys ended up with a reservation at Sky Valley Resort, the sister Resort to ours, by mistake… going to see what we can do to fix this tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Great beach pics - sure was a perfect day for your friends to arrive! Hope you can get that reservation mix-up fixed today! Enjoy the sun!

  2. Say Hi to Andy for me. Long time no see.


  3. Huntington Beach brings back memories. That's where my friend and I stopped to put the top down on the convertible we had rented (at company expense, of course). We forced that sucker into place, and then found the button when we got back into the car.


  4. what a great dog beach..and a people one too!!!

  5. gnarly surf spot dude. I'm jealous, i haven't even been out snowboarding, so i'm on board riding withdrawl.