Friday, February 11, 2011

Hanging out with the “Famous ones…”

Took life easy this morning, as John and Pat were cleaning up out of the Park Model they have rented for the past couple of weeks, preparing to fly out of Palm Springs Airport tomorrow morning for Dallas, Tx. 

This afternoon we decided to go and hang around with the Famous People…

Here I am hanging out with Mark Twain… both of us, deep in thought…


Here is Johnny talking over the next lightening strike with Ben Franklin… where were we with these famous people?????


Well, we were none other than “The Shops on El Paseo” in Palm Desert.


Judy and Pat wanted to shop at Sack’s, Fifth Ave. store, and when we all walked in, they greeted you with a waitress and Champaign!  No, I didn’t take of picture of Judy and John drinking the Champaign… that would have been a little too much…

This is a very high end shopping area for the rich and famous…


We came across three Bentley Automobiles parked on the side of the street… no recession here!


We headed downtown Palm Springs after shopping, and took in dinner at a wonderful restaurant/grill right on the main street.  As tonight was Thursday night, it was market night so we enjoyed walking the street for all the bargains!  Thanks to John and Pat who picked up the dinner tab tonight!  



We made it back home to watch the Leaf game, which I taped, but they lost in OT… at least they did get 1 point for the tie!   It is not over yet!

Till tomorrow…



  1. I enjoyed reading this post, looks like you had a great day!

  2. Hanging out with Mark Twain and Ben Franklin? What a shameless name-dropper! I drove along El Paseo drive just the other day with Paulette and Carrie but was afraid to stop just in case they actually decided they wanted to look in any of those expensive stores. Didn't know about the Champaign though! Maybe we'll have to go back!

  3. I had my picture taken with some statues like that at Knotts Berry Farm...okay, maybe not quite like that LOL! Look like you were having fun and that's the important thing.