Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A tour over to LA LA Land…

We were out of the gates by 8:30 this morning beating a path over to Los Angeles. 

John had read this item in one of the weekend local papers about the Ronald Regan Library, so off we went.  It is in a Town called Semi Valley.

Today turned out to be the opening of a new wing of the library, so we lucked out!

This is an incredible property in the rolling hills of California, not far from the Pacific Ocean.


Beautiful front entrance to the Museum.


Ronald was depicted as a cowboy!


Somehow we talked the security guys into giving us a ride in from the parking area.


Nice portrait of Pres. Regan as you enter.


Judy gave a speech at the inauguration, and Nancy Regan showed up, along with Pres. Jimmy Carter!


They re-created the Oval Office at the White House, with Regan’s original Desk and all!


If the pictures look a little dull tonight, it is due to the fact you were not allowed to us the flash anywhere… big rule, and they stopped you if they caught you!  Again, not wanting to be deported to Canada, I complied! (Well… almost.)


There was all kinds of stuff in the Museum and it was very well presented.  They also had a full wing put on that housed the Boeing 727 used as Air Force 1. 

This plane was used by 7 Presidents!  You got to board the plane, but, no pictures inside please… bummer…


There was a lot of items in regards to the Berlin Wall, as Regan was President when it came down!


I am holding an actual piece of the Berlin Wall in the pic below that was sent to the Museum, with original graffiti included!


Families were divided by the wall, and in the picture below, they would lift up babies, so separated parents could see them!  Yikes…


You have to see this plane inside this building to believe it…  incredible


Regan also used this helicopter… no, it was not a remote control one…


The views were great from the museum…


Judy went out to Regan’s Ranch and had a ride with him…


Here is  model of the White House that was very cool…


and the President’s Memorial Garden.


After leaving the Museum, we took a mountain pass road, and ran into the Pacific Ocean… what a ride!


I used to have a car named after this Town, Malibu!


We were here about 4:00 p.m. so it was a bit deserted on a Monday, but the temp was warm!


Here I am fielding a call from our Daughter, Kristina in Woodstock, getting caught up on the Leaf Game tonight!  They won!


I told Kristina there were two guys surfing in the Ocean, so she wanted a picture for her Husband.  Sorry I had my small lens on… a bit far away…


We stopped at an Ocean Front Restaurant for Diner, and these Dolphins were swimming by… Judy freaked out, as she loves them!


Finally, the last pic of the night, as the sun is just about ready to kiss the ocean… this was the view from our restaurant table!  (You should have seen the bill…)


Just a fantastic day… 12 hours worth! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. What a great day! The Reagan museum is definitely something I want to see. Looks like Judy had a busy day, what with horseback riding and making speechs! Loved all your pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. Aside from the restaurant bill it looked like a great day. And the museum didn't look too crowded. I remember seeing something on the news just a couple days ago about Air Force One being housed there. I was aboard an Air Force One (Stand-by) plane at Davis/Monthan airbase in Tucson a few years ago & was suprised at how old it looked inside, especially the cockpit. Can't remember which President used it. Could have been Abe Lincoln:))

  3. We love the Presidents libraries.. always so informative and interesting. We'll be sure to visit that one when we go out west again. Great coverage and photos! Loved the sunset!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. now that was a great tour and a beautiful day!..thanks for letting us tag along..sorry the dinner bill was so 'big'..it was the extra glass of wine!

  5. Amazing! The Reagan library is on my list of things to do this year as I've never been to any of the Presidential Libraries and I've always wanted to see one.

    Hope you were able to scrounge some helicopter parts while no one was looking!

  6. Great tour of the library. We would like to see them all and this one is certainly on the must see list.


  7. Judy looks a little nervous prior to question period.....those reporters can be hard on you