Monday, February 28, 2011

You saved $7.59 today Mr. Kraemer…

Here is where Judy and I do a bunch of our grocery shopping…  “Vons” in Desert Hot Springs…

If you have grocery shopped down here, you know that you need a stupid “Discount Card” so that you can “save” money…   Even if you do not have your card, you just ask the person in line behind you for their card and you save the money… at Vons they have 2 prices on each item… the regular price, and a lower price IF you have a Vons card!   So last year, Debbie and Gerard Kraemer came to visit us in Sedona for a couple weeks.  Gerard registered for his card at Safeway Store, (same owners as Vons…) and when he left, he gave me his discount card as I did not have one for Vons…

So now, every time we go to Vons and buy groceries, like today, the clerk says at the very end of the transaction, “You save $7.59 today Mr. Kraemer, thanks for shopping at Vons!   I laugh every time it happens…


So by now you figure that I have totally lost it, as I am blogging about going to the grocery store…

Well, I almost lost it when I drove by the Chevron Gas Station this afternoon in Desert Hot Springs and saw a gallon of gas was now going for $3.79… when we first came last November it was $3.29… that is what a screwed up Middle East will do for you… oh, ya, that is the Diesel price at the bottom of the sign… $4.11 per gallon!


Big volume of traffic in DHS today, and had to snap a picture of Mount Gorgonio in the background as it is full of SNOW… good thing it is up about 3,000 feet to the snow level… today our weather was PERFECT, around 70 or so, just the way I like it!


Our day was not done yet… had to go the the United States Postal outlet and mail off a package to a person I cannot name…  hopefully it gets there soon!


Now you get it, today is our last day in DHS, so we had to do a bunch of clean up, and get ready to head out tomorrow…   I made time this morning to go and visit the guys flying the airplanes and had a great time.  Met a new flyer, Jack from Alaska, and he let me fly his plane!  No, I did not crash.  Got a bunch of advise from the guys on how to fly my plane, and they  oooguld over it for 1/2 an hour…

Judy went down and took in the Zumba Class this morning near the pool… no, it is not something  your drink!  Get your mind out of the gutter…

Ended the afternoon down at the hot tubs…perfect!

The sun was doing funny things with the clouds tonight, just before dusk…


We will miss Caliente Springs RV Park… but will return next year!


This palm tree is on our site…


So that about raps up our last day here, and it is now on to Borrego Springs tomorrow… off to the Desert!

Till tomorrow…


  1. You had me laughing tonight!! Enjoyed the tour of DHS too. Travel safe.

  2. sorry to hear about the price of gas..diesel price here is $4.76 a gallon!..have a safe trip tomorrow!!

  3. Great blog tonight, Kraemer! I must have been right behind you in DHS this morning as I had to fill up with diesel at $4.11 so you got off cheap!

    Nice pics of the sky tonight too - I missed that.

    Have a nice trip down to the Borrego Springs and if you see the Bayfield Bunch in the desert, I hear Al likes fellow Ontario folks to pull up real close to their rig for wild boondocking parties late into the night!!

  4. Have a safe trip Mom and Dad! We're not immune to high gas prices up in Ontario this week either, in Woodstock it's been hovering around $1.20 a litre - yuck!!

  5. We bought diesel here - just south of Salem, Oregon, for $3.79/ gallon, today. Such a contrast to the higher prices in California. When in Bullnead City, AZ, in mid-January, we paid $3.15/gallon for diesel.