Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saved by the “Oasis”…

At least they turned off the wind machine here today in California… turned out to be a nice day.

We all spent the morning enjoying our coffee down in the hot tubs… playing tourist!

We decided to head over to 1,000 Palms Oasis.  This is a park that we have visited before and blogged about.  It is a “cool” spot on a hot day and the Morrison's wanted to see the San Andreas Fault. 

Pat and Judy were checking out the Ranger’s Station.


John could not believe how big some of the Palm Trees get here…


As you head out on the boardwalks at the Oasis, the San Andreas Fault is right below you… just hope the big one does not come as you walk along!



We walked out about 1 1/2 mile to another Oasis with a little lake…


After we left the Oasis, we climbed up to a vista point on the trail for a view of the valley!


Great day for a walk.

Judy and Pat went into Palm Springs tonight to was a live performance of “Menopause”…  John and I begged off, and watched Montreal and Boston duke it out in a hockey game!

Judy and I enjoyed a nice skype call with Jenn and Emmie and Paige this afternoon.  They are doing well, and Daddy was off at the Hospital playing Dr.

Till tomorrow…


  1. those are some big 'palm trees'!!!

  2. Thousand Palms is one of my favourite places here in Palm Springs. We've taken the walk across the desert to the little Oasis but never ventured up to the vista point. Wise of you guys to beg off the play. I did the same thing last night with the Palm Springs Follies! Dreadful stuff!

  3. I so agree with the census here, those are some of the largest Palm Trees I have seen. I also wanted to comment on the musical "Menopause" A friend and I went and saw it about three years ago, and I don't know if I have laughed so hard at an event before in my life. The entertainers were awesome. I did buy the tape and listen to it every now an again and the memories flow of our time together.