Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big winds today!

The forecast today was rain, but that never happened… however, the wind did blow!  Big time!

It was nice and calm this morning, but when we went over to visit Andy and Gladys it became very windy! 

We just sat around today taking life easy and enjoying good conversation.  We took in the Leaf game this afternoon, and can you believe it… they won, again!  Two nights in a row… love it!

Judy and Gladys thought they could fly a plane this afternoon, so here is Gladys trying my new flight simulator… she crashed and burned!


After the game and dinner, we took in the hot tubs… no one else there to take the picture so Judy had to!


That was about it for today…

Till tomorrow…


  1. It was pretty much an inside day for us here too!

    That hot tub looks pretty good though.

    Better to crash in the simulator than in the air!

  2. Better to crash in the simulator than bash your remote controlled airplane into the ground!

    Don't ever try to land it in the pool or the hot tub. Not a good idea!

  3. How about a submarine simulator in that hot tub eh:))