Friday, February 18, 2011

Kiss and Fly!

We were up and at it early this morning as we had to pick up Andy and Gladys and head to LAX…

I couldn’t believe this guy strapped the LAX Airport sign on the top of his SUV and was heading to Palm Springs… the nerve!  (well, really slick camera work by Judy…)


LAX is huge… over 10 Terminals… West Jet flies out of Terminal 2, and they made it real easy for people driving in and dropping people off for their flight… or, the good old “kiss and fly”…


See you later Guys!  Had a blast!


We gave up the idea of riding our bikes down by the Ocean, due to rain!   We decided to head for home as the forecast had rain in the afternoon.  We stopped by a local mall to buy some birthday presents for Paige, as it is Her 1st birthday coming up very soon… can’t tell you what we got Her, as she reads the blog!

We didn’t count on it being Presidents Day Weekend, and everyone in L.A. trying to escape the City by Interstate 10!  It was a little busy, but we made it back in time to enjoy our Friday Night!

Till tomorrow…


  1. love the LAX shot!..good couldn't have planned it any better!

  2. Good one on the LAX car top carrier.

  3. Pretty good photo by Judy!! Happy Birthday to little Paige, too. Good idea not to tell us on the blog so she'll be surprised when she get's her present.

  4. Great photos and glad you didn't have any problems at LAX... we flew into there once and it was not to bad!
    Have fun & travel safe