Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hike on….

Started out as a terrific day, but the winds caught up to us and are still blowing this evening as I hack out another blog…

Went over to the flying field this morning to meet the regular crew out flying planes.  The flying slowly came to a halt as the winds came up…

Next was a run to the hot tubs while Judy was exercising in the pool… met a nice couple from B.C. and swapped a bunch of RV stories…

Later in the morning Judy and I decided to go back and find the trail from the resort up the Indio Hills… we have already tried twice and failed!

This is the view as we left the back door of the resort… yes, with all the rain we have had, the desert is starting to bloom and show some green!


Here is a great picture of my butt…


Check out the flowers on the cactus…


We soon started to climb… and climb…


We made it up this high, after successfully finding the right trail!  Problem was, the wind was just a whipping around and we decided not to continue up today, as it was simply too windy and we did not want to take the risk.  There is always another day!


We still had to climb up to the peak you see below…


So we headed back down, with the resort in the background…


Finally tonight Judy and I want to congratulate Shawn, our son (sorry… Dr. Hollinger).  This past weekend Shawn flew from Tennessee down to New Orleans to give a presentation to a Paediatrician's Conference on defects in baby hearts.  He won an award for this presentation and wanted to let him know the whole Family is very proud of him.   In July this year, Shawn and Jenn, and Emmie and Paige will be moving to Ottawa where he has been awarded a Fellowship at the Ottawa Hospital in Neonatology.

Not sure who took this picture of Shawn below, but I borrowed it off our Grand Daughters blog.  It was taken at the Conference in New Orleans.

The Joker is very fitting, as Dr. Hollinger is a die hard Calgary Flame Fan, and that team is joking everyone right now!


Till tomorrow…


  1. congrats to your son!!!..way to go!!
    nice butt shots by the way!

  2. Another hike, John! You are Da Hiking Man!

    Congrats to your son Dr. Hollinger! That is quite an honour and very well deserved I'm sure!

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