Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Up,Up,Up, we only go up from here…

Yes, today we headed up!  Over 8,500 feet up as a matter of fact as we turned back into “Tourist” today.

We got going around 1:00 this afternoon, and headed out to catch the "Palm Spring Tram” that climbs up Mount Jacinto.  What a ride.  Judy and I went up last year when we were here, but it is something you do not tire of…  It is a great ride and a great tourist attraction.  It was packed up on the mountain today, being Valentine’s Day!


This is the view as you make it up to the Mountain Station.  Yes, that would be real snow on the ground!


The proof is in the pudding…


This is what the Town of Desert Hot Springs looks like from 8,500 feet up… a bit hazy today… the wind was up.


The wind mill farm was in high gear today as the wind was just a whipping up a storm!  The Tram was completely sheltered from the west wind, being on the east side of San Jacinto.


Here is a view of Palm Springs… you could see all the way down the Coachella Valley today, it was great! 


Andy looks calm, but he certainly has a problem with the heights… so it was a brave face!


It was warmer than I thought it would be at the top, about 48 Degrees F. or 9 degrees C. for all the Canucks…


This is a bit of a view of the canyon that the tram ride climbs up… it is a long way down!


Lots of granite in this mountain…


This is the ground station as you sink back down to reality!


This is what the old tram looked like… not to sure about going up in this one… hmmmmmm…


Andy and Gladys treated Judy and I to the tram and to a great dinner at Jackalobe Ranch, out in Indio.  What a super restaurant that only opened up last year!  Put this on your bucket list folks!


The restaurant was full for Valentines Day, and the Clown came around to make sure everyone was in the right frame of mind!


Just a great day in the Desert today!  Love it.  Looks like our weather is backing off a bit for the next couple days… we have to work on this…

Till tomorrow…


  1. If we ever get over to that neck of the woods I would like to take a ride on that tram for sure.

  2. that tram ride is now a 'must do' for us too..love it!!!!

  3. Wow, thanks for taking us along for the tram ride, sure looked like great fun. Your pictures were fantastic!


  4. That tram ride sure is a lot of fun. I've been up on it twice now and would definitely go again. Looked like a good restaurant - just wondering, John, how did you take that picture and get in it, too??

  5. We were in Palm Springs a few years ago and Russ wanted to ride that tram. I wasn't so sure, but I am now. YES, I will go - no fear!! Thanks for sharing and for all the great photos.