Monday, February 21, 2011

A little bit of everything today…

I got up this morning and it was gorgeous out!  No wind, so I knew they would probably be flying over at the golf driving range… I did not bring my camera, but they did have some these…


and some of these…


and before you know it, the morning was gone… it is a great bunch of guys that come out and fly their planes… next time I will get some real pictures for you all…

Judy was down doing the swimming pool exercises and then took up another exercise class called Zumba!  She enjoyed it, and it shows!

In the afternoon we loaded up on the Burgman for a drive down to the City of Coachella… I wanted to check out the Model Airfield there.  They have an amazing field there, everything you need to fly!

Check out the pit area, with tables and sun shades, you are in the desert you know!


They cemented the pit area, and paved the taxi area and runway!   Pilots stand behind the fences to fly here…


Everything you need here…


Even  though we are at the far end of the Coachella Valley, Mount Jacinto and Gorgonio are always in sight, snow and all!


It is a great flying field, and I will return when they are flying, always in the morning when the winds are down.

On the way home Judy found these cattle in a stand of palm trees, having lunch!


Spent the rest of the afternoon in the hot tub and taking life easy!

Till tomorrow…


  1. a great day again for you and Judy!

  2. That looks like a serious flying club operation.

    I'm looking forward to our hike tomorrow morning. Make sure your helicopter is on standby just in case we get lost and need some help!!