Friday, February 18, 2011

We dodged the bullet…

We had a forecast of rain for the past couple days, however we got away unscathed as they say… no rain.  Today was very warm, but there was a bit of wind left over to cool us down.

This morning Judy and I were looking for a trail in the rear of our Resort that many people have talked about… but we were denied!  Couldn’t find it after looking for about an hour… we took the Jeep back to look, as it is quite a piece back… had fun though!

Nope, not up this canyon…


Nothing but a bunch of rock here…


Too steep to climb…


We had fun bombing around the Jeep trails out back… playing in all the sand!


We were getting ready to head over and see Andy and Gladys, when this 4 alarm fire broke out across the road!  We went over later to check it out, and it was from an RV Resort… couldn’t tell what burned… but it was big!


We went into Palm Springs this afternoon, and we enjoyed a great dinner at “The Olive Garden”… Judy and I had never been, and I was impressed!  Great food and a first!   I ordered an entree, with the soup of the day… it was minestrone… and when I had finished the bowl, the waiter came by and said, “Oh, here, let me get you another bowl…”  great service and trying to keep the customer happy!  It worked!   We all had a great dinner!

After dinner we headed down to the Palm Springs Thursday Night Street Fair… it was a beautiful night and the market was full… had a great time!


No it is not a witch brewing up a pot of potion, it is a guy making Kettle Corn… very popular here in California!


Check out this great patio warmer… it is called “Fire and Ice”… a bit fancier than my old fire in a can!


Today was Andy and Glady’s last full day in the Desert!  Tomorrow morning we leave at 9:00 to take them to LAX to fly back to Calgary!  Judy and I plan on taking our bicycles down to the Ocean sidewalk for an afternoon ride… pictures later if the weather co-operates!

Till tomorrow…


  1. another great jeep day!!..that fire pit looks very interesting!!!

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun... Loved the fire & ice but boy would that be tough to fit into the coach!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  3. You should have sent your helicopter up on a reconnaissance mission to scout the area out and find that canyon before heading out.

    Guess what? It's 8am and their's no wind - yahoo!!

    Paulette and I are planning a 'Canadian Friends' BBQ at our place as soon as it looks like we may get a nice warm evening. We'd love for you and Judy to come - maybe one evening next week, o.k. I'll keep you posted.