Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping the Temecula Economy going…

Off to pick up the Jackson’s at 11:00 this morning and put into gear our plans to go and visit the quaint village of Temecula. 

About a month or so ago Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels blogged about going to Temecula because he wanted to share the great experience of visiting the Quilting Shops there with his wife Paulette.    I couldn’t resist… had to go and check that out!

Darn, if we could not find one Quilting Shop!   But we did find a great part of Temecula designed for the Tourist!  Old Town Temecula. 

There are lots of buildings like this… all based on a Western/Mexican Theme…


Temecula is not a small Town… over 110,000 people.


A lot of the stores sold antiques, and were quite neat to spend time in… we all enjoyed it.


I found this piece of history on the sidewalk.  The Butterfield Stage Coach carried mail from here, all the way to New York City.  I blogged about riding on part of the original trail last year in Yuma with our motorcycles! 


Andy and Gladys bought some goodies to bring back to Red Deer…


Judy and I made a couple decisions in the past few days… and one of them was that we want to return to Desert Hot Springs next year when we head south.  We love our Resort. 

I also decided I wanted to join up with the men who fly model airplanes. They have quite the club going here, and fly on the golf course driving range on the calm mornings.  This is something I have had an interest in for many years, but never followed through on… times are now different.  While in Temecula today I found a nice Hobby Shop and picked up and new Transmitter and Flight Simulator… (would have been cheaper to find the quilting shop!)  this allows you to learn to fly a model airplane on your computer, to avoid crashing an expensive model.  Once you learn to fly on the computer, you can use your transmitter when you purchase a model plane to fly…  Lucky for me I have a very understanding Wife!

Forecast calls for a bit of rain maybe tomorrow… yuck!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Beautiful town and GREAT pictures... You should have a ton of fun with the airplanes. Lots of guys are getting into that!
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. We're keeping your model airplane safe for you for next year.

  3. Looks like a great town to visit and browse. Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Chris is right, when we recently cleaned the storage room we keep for you folks we admired your airplane, it's safe and sound, though appears to need a little work (little things like attaching the wings)- don't forget about this one as I'm sure you'd love to get it in shape and fly it with the club.

  5. We're off to Temecula on Thursday morning and Paulette DOES know where the quilt shop is!! I hope you went into the root beer store there.

    Glad to hear you're coming back next year too - so are we!! Maybe you'll have your helicopter pilot's license by then and you can land behind us in the wash!!

  6. If Judy is into quilts, you should buy a tee shirt from each place you visit and make a big quilt out of them. My wife did that with my running shirts and it's my favorite thing. Of course, it's not cheap to do.