Friday, February 11, 2011

“Leaving, on a Jet Plane….”

John and Pat were up early this morning, as they had a flight to catch.  They were over and had breakfast with us, and then we headed out to the airport…

It was a great day for flying… hit over 80 degrees F. here… 30 plus C. for all you Cdns.


They flew out to Dallas to visit other relatives… kind of nice they had outdoor curb side check in at the Palm Springs Airport… No, they wouldn’t let me fly my helicopter here…


After the airport, we carried on with some grocery shopping and cleaning etc… then it was time to go flying myself!


I tried to load a video tonight, but with no luck.  Will try in a separate blog tonight…

Off to LAX tomorrow to pick up Andy and Gladys who are flying in from Red Deer for a week.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Good luck with your drive to LAX tomorrow - at least it's not a regular work day.

    Hope you get the video clip working, I'm looking forward to checking out your pilot skills!!

    What a great day here, eh??

  2. Ha ha the day has come that I have a picture of you on a Friday afternoon in your shorts hanging out on a shuffle board court! Never mind that you're flying a helicopter!

    Love your daughter

  3. I like when you use song titles for your posts. I know a lady in San Diego that has a running blog. She uses a song title for each post and we get to guess who sang it. I don't think I've gotten one yet.