Friday, February 4, 2011

Yes, the Desert “Lives”…

Seems like the whole of North America is getting snowed on or is freezing!  I was read Al’s blog  (TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) tonight, and him and Kelly are freezing over in Az. along with some concerns back home in Bayfield, Ont.  What a winter!   Today was sunny here in Ca. and it was cool last night, but not really freezing… good thing!

Today we continued on with our tourist theme, and decided to go and take in “The Living Desert”.  It is a great Zoo/Desert setting in the Palm Springs area.  Lots of people go!

They have a Model Train Set that is simply unbelievable!  It is big!


Check out this trestle…


It had a full canyon and water falls…


For $5.00 you could take a camel ride…


What is a zoo without an ostrich???


There was four of these guys…



Good thing he was 9 foot 4 inches so he could see me over the fence!


“Come on…” don’t take my picture…


This leopard was trying to escape…


Ya, he was this close, good thing there was a pane of glass between us!


Funny looking horses of course…


Careful… I can Hear you!


Two gals from The Living Desert put on a great wild animal show… here is one of them trying to get away from the porcupine on the loose…


Augh… just a cute little kitty…


They also have a full Hospital for the animals… the public can go and watch all the procedures being performed at the Hospital.


The elusive Big Horned Sheep… careful, how many are there???


We spent 5 easy hours at the Living Desert and had a blast.  This is a must see in the Palm Springs area.

After the Desert, we made it back to watch my Leafs take care of Carolina 3 zip!  Go Leafs! Come on… two in a row!  Life is great!

Suppose to warm up a bit tomorrow… this would be good!

Till tomorrow…



  1. It was a great day here and supposed to be even better tomorrow! We went to the Living Desert last year, and like you, really enjoyed it. The highlight for me was actually the model railroad as you photographed so well. Just imagine flying your helicopter down that canyon and buzzing those trains!

  2. The living desert looked like a great place to visit... We missed that when we were there but I guess that means we have someting to see when we return!
    Have fun & travel safe

  3. We loved the Living Desert. We would go again! You were able to get much close to the big cat - lucky! It will be interesting again when they have the Jaguar exhibit up and running.