Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet “Snortin Bull”

It was raining here again this morning in the desert… can’t believe it!  It never rains here…

Had a big job on my plate today!  Assembly of my new P-47D Thunderbolt! 

Meet Snortin Bull  (aka James Mullin) …   isn’t he a cool looking cat!  I do not have my pilot’s licence, so I had to hire Snortin Bull to fly my plane!  In the 2nd. World War, James A. Mullin was a pilot in one of these P-47’s from the USAAF 404th. fighting group, named Snortin Bull… he was a legend.


The first P 47 was flown in 1941 during WW11 and was the first piston driven aircraft to exceed 500 mhp…and was known as “The Jug”… I hope mine will go that fast!

Here is mine all fully assembled out of the box this morning… took about 2 hours to do… lots of reading and messing around…


All the parts were laid out on the table…  and I was left scratching my head…


Had to install the wheels…


This next picture below, is a picture I took off of my computer screen with my camera of the P 47 in my flight simulator… check it out to the real model in the picture below and you will see how similar they are…


The finished product…  I am still a while away from actually flying it as I build up my nerve and flying time on the computer… stay tuned!


We did work on other things today, Judy did a big re-org of the inside of the motor home. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. That is one fine looking aircraft! I take it you didn't have any parts left over either - that's a good thing!

    Make sure you get lots of practice in that simulator before your first test flight!

  2. Took me back many years to my days of lovingly assembling model airplanes on Saturday mornings. Not the large motor driven plane like yours & my plastic models just hung from my bedroom ceiling on fishing lines but I understand the same kind of excitement involved in assembling something. You have the added advantage of now moving up the excitemnt ladder & adding some good old apprehension & fear to the mix making for an upcoming exciting day for your solo flight. Good hunting:))

  3. Nice model. You are correct.....James A. MullinS (with an S) was a least to me. I am his son and am tickled pink that the RC community is keeping his memory alive. Unfortunately, dad passed away before his aircraft got such attention in the RC world.

    If you'd like to know more about him or his aircraft feel free to contact me...
    Steve Mullins