Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Cold Blustery Snow Filled Day…

Well, not really… it did rain last night for most of the night, and when I woke up this morning and looked out our living room window, this is what I saw:



This is the most snow we have seen in the mountains in our time here… apparently it snowed right down to the 3,000 foot level… everything was white today!


You can see the snow line here on Mount Jacinto!


Not much on the go today, Judy and I made the Church Service at our Resort and it was packed as usual down here… over 200 people showed up!

We went out this afternoon and did some shopping at Wal-Mart and Trader Joe’s… they have some great deals on food there!

I have been in touch with Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels and we are planning a bit of a hike on Tuesday to a neat canyon he found.  Click on the link and you will see some pictures he took while he was there this weekend.  He did not get to finish the hike as he ran out of daylight, so he wants to go back and needs a companion! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Let's just hope there's no 'snow in them thar hills' when we head up there on Tuesday! Mt. Jacinto was absolutely beautiful this morning with all that snow on top.

    I'll touch base with you again tomorrow about our arrangements for the hike on Tuesday, o.k.

  2. fabulous mountain shots..kind of look like the ones in our neighbourhood here in BC!!..sure you aren't just down the road!..have fun on the Ladder Canyon Hike!!! are a better person than me..wouldn't catch me doing that one!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures... and I know you'll have a great time hiking the Painted/Latter Canyon with Rick. Looking forward to both of your post on that one!
    Have fun & travel safe