Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back online with our satellite internet…

What another blister of a day here in Woodstock!  It was in the mid 30’s today, with nothing but sun, no wind, lots of humidity.  It was a hot one… you needed a pool or air conditioning, that is for sure.

I isolated my internet problem to a faulty RG6 cable that my transmitter uses to up load to the satellite.  I have a temporary fix running now, but will have to locate a new RG6 Cable, of about 50 feet or so.

So not too much got done around here, as it was so hot, just the way I like it!  Did get some pictures of Princess Gwenny, (note the change in spelling of the shortened name… decision of Parents)  as she had a great day!

This first pic is actually from Saturday night.  We had the kids out for dinner at the RV with Gwenny, and also invited Chris’ Parents David and Diane Broad out to join us… this is the first picture of Gwenny with all the Grand Parents.


Even though Gwenny is only 5 days old, her parents have been deprived of sleep, so last night Judy volunteered to go into the house with them and spend the night taking care of Princess Gwenny.  Kristina and Chris got the gift of 8 hours of sleep.  I drove into the house this morning, and found Gwenny sleeping in her burrito wrap out on the back deck, enjoying the warm weather.


Judy took a few more pictures today… below is Gwenny’s serious look…


Next was the “I think I’m going to cry” look…


Followed quickly by the “you are boring me” look,


Then Gwenny got to put up a fuss once Kristina decided it was her bath time… they never seem to like the bath at first…


Being it was Sunday and all, she had to get all dressed up for the occasion.


By mid afternoon, it was so hot here, we all headed for the RV to enjoy the pool.  We ended up with a treat, in that our good friends, John and Pat from Alliston, dropped in while out on a spin with their Goldwing.  They were thrilled to be able to meet Gwenny.


We enjoyed a couple hours of baby watching and playing, then they had to fly back to Alliston aboard the big Honda.


Just another great day for Gwenny’s 5th on this earth!

We also had a nice conference call with our son Shawn, from Ottawa.  It is hot there as well, and he was doing odd jobs around the house.  Kristina had some Dr. questions for him, as he is a Paediatrician.  Good talking to you tonight Shawn!

This evening was spent in the pool, and it was nice!  I have never swam so much in a summer as this one, due to the fact we have use of a great pool in our park, that is properly maintained! 

Now this is a little out of sync… however, I have finally figured out how to put a video into the blog, (with help from Kristina and Chris) so here is a neat video from my race day at Grand Bend, when Judy took this video of me doing a burn out!

Mustang burnout at Grand Bend…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Definitely too hot to do anything outside around here in the afternoons. Wish we were somewhere that had a pool. Love your video.

  2. Oh she's so beautiful!
    We have been talking about satellite Internet/mobile broadband once we officially hit the road next summer.

  3. That 'burn out' matches our weather around here right now...'burn up'!!

  4. Gwenny is one cute, beautiful baby!!

    Good job on the burnout vid.