Saturday, July 2, 2011

Off to London…

This morning  we had to take a quick trip into London, in order find a “walk in” Clinic for Judy.  She has been suffering a very sore throat, and a bit of a fever, and it did not seem to be getting better, so off we went.  Only a 10 minute wait, and she saw a nice Lady Dr. who gave Her necessary prescriptions to help out!

On the way home, I came across this huge market on the east side of London, and we stopped in for a peek.  Turns out, we found the exact new leather couch that we have been looking for the past 6 months!   It was at a great price, and as we were wondering out loud how we were going to get it to the RV, the owner says, “ hey, no problem, we will lend you our truck to take it home in”… perfect! it worked.

Kristina came out to help me break it in… it is a sectional unit, with end recliners!  Love it!  Very comfy. 


Tonight the owner of our Park is putting of fireworks that we are going to take in… Canada Day extended!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Sorry to hear of Judy's sore throat but what a serendipitous find on the sofa. Looks good.

  2. feet up on the new sofa recliners should go a long way toward helping out the sore throat.

  3. Do you know how much the new couch weighs in comparison to the old couch? I was wondering how much any additional weight would affect your slide coming in and going out. It sure looks like a good solution to me since my DW wants to get rid of our sofa.

  4. Comfy looking new couch - gotta have those footrests!

    Hope Judy's on the mend and her throat is feeling better soon.

  5. nice work on the looks comfy!!!..hope Judy is on the way to recovery!!

  6. Anything that reclines sounds good to me:))

  7. Sure hope Judy is a whole lot better today. That sofa looks exactly like what I want. I hate to give up the bed though. So back and forth I go.

  8. That couch really does look positively awesome.
    Get well soon Judy!