Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ready for Vacation!

Not too much on the go today, Judy spent the day in with Kristina and Princess Gwenny… she was acting a little out of sorts, so needed some extra support from her Grandmother!

I spent part of the morning, putting the Super Cub back together after it’s episode up in the tree.  All is well and it is ready to fly again!  Just need to replace the main battery and the sky will be the limit!

I am still in the learning phase, when it comes to flying my P-47 Thunderbolt… it is a handful.  This afternoon, I took it out, and actually made four circles around the airfield, and was starting to feel a wee bit confident behind the controls, until reality set it, and had a bit of a hard landing, not to worry, nothing a bit of glue and time won’t fix!

Got a great shot of the Broad/Hollingers today at the RV, as we all had to have a nice cool swim to beat the heat!


I needed this pictures, as Judy and I are heading up to Sauble Beach this long weekend, for our annual visit to Gerard and Deb’s cottage!  Weather looks great, and now we have 3 grandkids to show off, so we have to be prepared!

The blog might look a little thin for the next couple of days, as there is not internet at the cottage, so I will be down to the smart phone, however I am not sure of even the cell coverage up at Sauble.  It is a great spot, right on Lake Huron!  Can’t wait!

Till whenever…


  1. enjoy the weekend in the land of no internet!..good for you two!!..have a great time!!

  2. Adorable photo of the Princess and her minions!

  3. Have a great time this weekend at your friend's cottage.

    Great picture of the family. Gwenny is sure looking like an alert baby!

  4. Gwenny is looking beautiful as always... Mom & Dad look so proud!
    Have fun